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Over this past weekend, I caught a television ad by a committee supporting incumbant Michigan Democratic governor Jennifer Granholm. The spot focused on opposing Republican challenger Dick DeVos' anti-abortion stance.

I was only half paying attention... but I did notice once they mentioned he is pro-life, they added this tagline with a scary, ominous voice-over: "...even in the case of rape and incest." Read more »

Cuba Behind the Curtain

We should be prepared for that day when Fidel Castro finally takes his celestial dirt nap. Media columnists, academia and the Western intelligencia the world over will be mouring the loss while offering none-too-subtle praises for the workers' utopia.

At that point, we should recall Caroline Overington's first-hand account:

Two years ago, I was given what quickly became an awful assignment. I was told to visit Cuba. Oh sure, like everybody I thought: dark rum, hot nights, fat cigars, the rumba.

Hagel on the GOP

Chuck asks:

Where is the fiscal responsibility of the party I joined in '68? Where is the international engagement of the party I joined — fair, free trade, individual responsibility, not building a bigger government, but building a smaller government?


Do As I Say...

Once getting past the head-scratching first sentence of his post, a Democratic Underground poster sporting an Al Gore photo chastises libertarians, saying that "we wouldn't be in such a pickle with regard to global warming if it weren't for these people."

Though I suspect he may want to reconsider his Gore-worship. Read more »

\"With Us or Against Us\"

George Bush made this pronouncement at a news conference in November 2001 (as did Anakin Skywalker, apparently). In the wake, many criticized this remark, and to a degree, rightfully so. The valid points made behind the criticism is that the world is too complex and holds far too many shades of gray to draw a thick, black line in the sand. Both sides can have its good points and both sides can have its demons, so goes the argument.

However, I believe many of the same bellowers may need to heed the same advice. To wit...

It is possible to be opposed to the Iraq War, its dubious reasons and wayward nation-building, the administration's scandals, politico meddling, infractions of prisoners' right to due process, and Bush's infractions of domestic civil rights AND recognize that Islamic militants are indeed the top current threat to Western Civilization's cherished liberal freedoms, more irrational than their legions of western apologists give them credit for, and that jihadists have broader - and more toxic - reasons and ambitions well beyond merely being disgruntled at "imperialism/colonialism". Read more »

Brits Bust Another Plot

Charles in Charge

I almost forgot to tip my hat to Little Green Footballs and its administrator Charles Johnson for having nailed Reuters for doctoring a photo of an Israeli strike to make it seem more, shall we say, gruesome. Read more »

But... it\'s free!

If I come across one more MSM column gushing over how wonderful Fidel Castro's Cuba is because of "free" health care and "free" education, I might spew my half-digested dinner all over my keyboard.

Boston Red Sox' Mike Lowell, meanwhile, expresses his feelings toward the dictator of the workers' utopia.


As word spread this morning about Fidel Castro possibly uttering his last breath (won't happen quite yet... he's the Red Energizer Bunny), I come across news reports of both elation and sadness. Neither of which I fully understand, for different reasons.

First, there are the celebrations. I'm not Mr. Glass Half Empty guy, but will Cuba really start its rampant transport from a closed tyrannical state to an island of liberal freedoms, based on the death of Fidel Castro? I don't claim to know the inner-workings of Havana's power lineup, but something tells me little bro Raul is keen on perpetuating the Fidel-Che revolucion. And once Raul takes his dirt nap, there's someone else waiting, then someone else, then someone else. There's got to be a long line of Party thugs just waiting in line, right? Hence, I'm not quite ready to break out the bubbly quite yet.

Then, of course, are the Castro apologists at best, and the Castro worshippers at worst. There are many places to find them, but one doesn't have to look much further than BBC's Have Your Say, where Castro-Love is flying high with a number of posters (who are generally not Cubans or ex-Cubans, I might add). Read more »

Read Kofi\'s Lips

From Lou Dobbs (scroll nearly halfway down the page):

DOBBS: You may support the United Nations fervently, or you may think it's a waste of money and time and real estate. But whatever you think, the United Nations is considering a number of proposals to tax you. The U.N. is fighting to raise hundreds of billions of dollars in new global taxes to fund the United Nations and make the U.N. even less accountable to the United States. [...]

The War for Oil

Lot of hot air in the Windy City lately. Read more »

Boiling Point

Though I've been quite busy lately and haven't been as in-tuned to news events unfolding on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, I - like most others - am left perplexed over the situation in the Middle East. Well, I suppose there's always a "situation" in the Middle East, but the new dimensions of the latest horror story take on new significance.

I've been feeling for the ordinary Lebanese citizens - many of whom are no great fans of Hezbollah, mind you - caught in the middle of Israeli jets roaring overhead and Hezbollah lackeys roaming the southern border (and influential posts in government). Not to mention the bizarre thug triangle involving likely behind-the-scenes support from Damascus and Teheran sponsors. Read more »

Off-Target in the Windy City

The political/left war on "big box" stores has claimed more victims:

Target Corp. is halting plans for new stores in Chicago in response to a proposed city law that would set minimum wage and benefit levels for employees of big-box retailers.


The measure would require that retailers with stores of 90,000 square feet or more pay employees who work there at least $10 an hour and provide minimum benefits of $3 an hour.

Getting Lonely

Whenever I see Kim Jong-Il making waves in the headlines, I'm constantly reminded of this jewel from three years ago.

The poor guy is just so lonely.

Kim Jong-Il forms boy band

How many is \'countless\'?

And at what point does a display become a "mega-display"?

Today we have a front-page article in the Washington Post about the fraud allegations in Mexico's presidential election.

I couldn't help notice the colorful adjectives used in the phrases peppering the news article: "frustration and rage of the poor", "a mega-display of street power", "outrageously loud communal venting", "countless voices joined in the rallying cry", etc, etc. Read more »