The Fair Tax?

Heard a guy on Coast last night pushing the fair tax. I'm 100% against it. Why?

Because the problem in this world isn't the distribution of the money but the length of the food chain. If a person only pay a tax on new purchases exactly how will this shorten the food chain? So zillions of poor people get what amounts to more welfare. Big deal. If they pay a 36% sales tax on every cent of it how will this shorten the food chain? The poor and the working poor spend most every cent they can get their hands on and that is why they are poor. I suppose state lottery tickets will be exempt from the tax?

The stinking rich, on the other hand, don't know how to spend even 20% of their net increase on new consumer items. They buy companies and hard assets thus more power over the poor and the working poor.

Under the fair tax would a used car to be more valuable than a used car? This should drive down the cost of a rental car. And a used house more valuable than a new house? Just asking. Then there are the gold bugs. Will used gold be more valuable than new production gold bars?

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Fair tax

Your comments evidence that you do not understand how commerce works and how taxes influence commerce. The Hundred year old income tax(a critical part of Karl Marx'ideology) has become so ingrained in our culture that we feel it is necessary and fair. The income tax is neither. If you have enough money to hire a tax professional, most of your expenses can be written off, reducing your tax liability while underwriting a lifestyle. Watch one of the "Award shows" that comes on TV. A glamourous and expensive extravaganza that must cost a fortune. All tax deductible. That means that taxpayers foot a portion of the bill. Vacation homes, exotic getaways, chauffeured limousines? All tax deductions. These become taxable events with the Fairtax.
I hope that you will educate yourself on tax policy, specifically the Fairtax at America can again become a productive nation with a restructuring of the revenue collection method employed by the federal government.