Apple stock is going to hurt a lot of people

Remember my co-worker who walked away from his mortgage after buying at the peak? I talked to him recently and he says he knows "a guy" who can hook him up with Apple stock. No kidding.

This guy is the poster boy for the uninformed investor who gets in at the peak, sells at the trough, and then plays victim. He's not alone--Apple has achieved social transcendence. It's no longer just a company; it's something bigger. It's Americana.

A lot of people are going to be hurt by Apple's stock.

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I bought Apple when it was a

I bought Apple when it was a little less than $100, and would not buy it today. But that's entirely on the basis of gut feeling. I have no reason that I could give anyone as to why Apple is not now the great investment it turned out in retrospect to be a couple of years ago.

I was telling everyone to buy

I was telling everyone to buy APPL when it was at 12 dollars; I wouldn't buy it today.

Did you get the number of

Did you get the number of "the guy"?

He walked away from his

He walked away from his mortgage... and now he is investing AGAIN!?! This is the kind of shit that really leaves me with no faith in the governments ability to stop the inevitable Austrian Endgame. I bet he votes, breeds and knows a less intelligent member of his family that works for the government.


So where would you look for a job?

In the old days every city had at least one employer where a person could get a job and work till he turned 65. No more such jobs. Most every consumer product is made in China. There is employer loyalty or employee loyalty. I don't any young person under 50 who expects to have a long term job.

Out of my 5 kids, the two with government jobs are doing the best.

These "uninformed investors"

These "uninformed investors" are from whence we "informed investors" draw our excess wealth--if anything, you should encourage his idiocy, and get him to author a day-traders handbook.

nice point anonymous.

nice point anonymous. Probably these clueless guys are essential for the well-functioning of the whole system


Sure, so long as they are not allowed to vote. Which means that for them to benefit society in any fashion, there would have to be no government for them to run to when their investments tank. Instead of them being a benefit, they lobby government to steal greater sums of wealth to offset their stupidity.

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You took the words right out

You took the words right out of my mouth. Direct and straight to the point - with regards to Apple stock. Technology is a mere want - do we really need it?

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