Ooh ooh call on me, call on me!

In a post below, I linked to Michael Burry's article in the NY Times from this past April entitled, "I Saw the Crisis Coming. Why Didn't the Fed?" He writes,

Since then, I have often wondered why nobody in Washington showed any interest in hearing exactly how I arrived at my conclusions that the housing bubble would burst when it did and that it could cripple the big financial institutions. A week ago I learned the answer when Al Hunt of Bloomberg Television, who had read Michael Lewis’s book, “The Big Short,” which includes the story of my predictions, asked Mr. Greenspan directly. The former Fed chairman responded that my insights had been a “statistical illusion.” Perhaps, he suggested, I was just a supremely lucky flipper of coins.

Mr. Greenspan said that he sat through innumerable meetings at the Fed with crack economists, and not one of them warned of the problems that were to come. By Mr. Greenspan’s logic, anyone who might have foreseen the housing bubble would have been invited into the ivory tower, so if all those who were there did not hear it, then no one could have said it.

I have a pretty simple answer to the question Burry asks in the title of his column. Anyone want to guess what it is?

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because they're a bunch of

because they're a bunch of blind, platonic idiots? hat tip to NNT.

It was intententionl

The bubble was intentionally created and intentionally popped.