Kidnapped Mexican mayor found dead

The only silver lining I can see to story after story after story like this is that the answer is clear as day, and sooner rather than later they'll embrace it.

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just a sad waste

I somehow doubt drug legalization will ever be tried. The damn bleeding hearts always seem to overrule common sense. At some point, you would think they would conclude prohibition enriches criminals and does little to interdict supply. It just never seems to occur unless a huge majority of the population partake, ala alcohol prohibition.

and now it turns out some of the police force was in on it

why am I not surprised. This story just keeps getting sadder and sadder. Drugs destroy lives, but so to does drug prohibition. Which is worse? Which can be easily combated with education and treatment?

Not likely

What makes you think change is mostly influenced by "seeing the light". I think the economic and political incentives are much stronger to keep it illegal, while at the same time profiting from it.

Eh, who cares about Mexican

Eh, who cares about Mexican deaths? They aren't real people anyway.

He's a mayor, politicians

He's a mayor, politicians aren't real people anyway.

Mexican + Politician = 2x

Mexican + Politician = 2x dehumanized. Or is it dehumanized^2?