Exciting Secession Week Action!

4th of July is coming up, which means we're celebrating Secession Week at Let A Thousand Nations Bloom. JW linked to the event earlier, and I'd like to give you pointers to each of the days topics in case one of them catches your eye:

And stay tuned the rest of the week as well, for discussion of state vs federal sovereignty disputes, and of course the American Revolution.

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While I applaud the effort

democracy has pretty much made it impossible to secede. Getting a majority fired up in our mainstream media saturated environment is highly unlikely. Secession is attractive to free thinkers unsatisfied with the status quo. The numbers game is saturated with those that are disaffected, disinterested and disengaged. They far outnumber the free thinkers.

In my opinion, sea steading stands the greatest chance for expanding government options. Perhaps charter cities, though I think they suffer the same fate as oil rigs in Venezuela. Get valuable enough, and the nation state nationalizes them to rape their wealth. I suppose sea steads could suffer the same fate, but it seems a bit more difficult.

Governments have grown to such an extent that they are themselves the scourge. Fighting that by fleeing, while attractive, is not particularly realistic. Maybe outer space provides the next frontier. Frontiers seem to be the most fertile place for birth of alternative governments.

Personal secession

is pretty easy. You still have time to do it before lunch!