They've got us beat on that

I don't know how much all of you dear readers have been following the World Cup, but it doesn't take long to notice one thing: the US flag makes a hideous decoration theme. See here.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

looks perfectly glorious to me. USA USA USA. A magnificent goal, a frustrating, nerve racking game until ultimate redemption. Relief, total joy, REDEMPTION! What a roller coaster. Bad ref job, AGAIN. Soccer was about to be extinguished in the US, again. Never say die kids do it again instead, in stoppage time. No disallowed goal this time. Not this time. Hollywood doesn't dare write one as bold. Where were you when the goooooal was allowed? I was in emotional exhaustion, not a yell or clap, just stunned silence and a smile. WOW.