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I got out of the Right-wing not because I ceased believing in liberty, but because being a libertarian above all, I came to see that the Right-wing specialized in cloaking its authoritarian and neo-fascist policies in the honeyed words of libertarian rhetoric. They need you for their libertarian cover; stop providing it for them!

- Murray Rothbard

via Zac Gochenour

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Libertarians are commonly

Libertarians are commonly nowadays called extreme right wing, because of our uncompromising position on capitalism. Republicans are far to the left of libertarians on capitalism versus socialism.

Given all the things that "right wing" means nowadays, and given that libertarians are nowadays commonly considered "right wing", even "extreme right wing", especially by the big-government progressives who dominate the media and who therefore get seen and heard, then it's not at all clear what to make of the Rothbard quote, not without a translation into more current jargon.

And yet Rothbard is still

And yet Rothbard is still considered overwhelmingly "far right" due to his similarity to Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, etc. Unfortunately the intra-right battle between neo-conservatives and libertarians during the Bush years never translated into a recognition by leftists that libertarians are in any significant way their allies.

So I do census work, and today spoke with an elderly black man for a bit about politics. Mostly I just listened to him talk about elderly white America's problem with Obama. I pointed out how the Tea Partiers are often confused and/or hypocritical about big government (keep government out of my Medicare, etc.), and he was basically just befuddled. As far as he knew these people meant it. They were free market klansmen in disguise.

I think Rothbard was wrong,

I think Rothbard was wrong, Thoreau is right. Libertarians don't matter.

Libertarianism is attacked

Libertarianism is attacked from the right and from the left. It seems to matter to those attacking it. Just a few days ago, Krugman attacked libertarianism. On the other hand, perhaps it is not libertarians who are demonstrated to matter here, but one specific libertarian. Krugman is here arguing with Milton Friedman, who is currently unable to respond (hence, perhaps, the attack).

I've lived in northern

I've lived in northern California my whole life. I rarely, if ever, come across conservatives in my day to day life, so in my experience libertarianism is perceived as simply a less religious version of Republicanism.

This makes me prone to going with the left-libertarian line of arguments for the sake of making my politics more palatable and not ruffling any feathers. Often I'm too intoxicated with the legions of liberals who share a similar lifestyle to mine to go all out and make the more controversial statements I'd sort of like to. Though I'll admit the left-libertarian "corporations LIKE regulation" meme is fun, and comes across as contrarian as any Republican talking point. More so even, because it undermines Progressivism on its own terms.