Happy Birthday, Tea Party

It's been a year. It's amazing how one man can spark a huge movement if there is enough pent-up pressure in society.

Respect to Brian Macker and Arthur B. who were there when it all started.

A NY Times article profiles Keli Carender, a Tea Party activist from Seattle.

Keli Carender has a pierced nose, performs improv on weekends and lives here in a neighborhood with more Mexican grocers than coffeehouses. You might mistake her for the kind of young person whose vote powered President Obama to the White House. You probably would not think of her as a Tea Party type.

But leaders of the Tea Party movement credit her with being the first.


She, like many Tea Party members, resists the idea of a Tea Party leader — “there are a thousand leaders,” she says.

Glenn Beck? “He can be a Tea Partier, but it’s not like the movement bends to him.”

Sarah Palin? She will have to campaign on Tea Party ideas if she wants Tea Party support, Ms. Carender said, adding, “And if she were elected, she’d have to govern on those principles or be fired.”

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Unfortunately, the bible

Unfortunately, the bible thumpers and warmongers were in the crowd from the beginning too :-/

Politics make strange bed fellows.

Wasn't that true at the

Wasn't that true at the first tea party?

The current Tea Party is primarily a complaint that public taxation and spending have become excessive, no that they are wrong in principle. It's not an antiwar movement. All of these views may be wrong one way or another, but no stranger than any other contradiction.