Code Blue on Health Care

I was amazed at Scott Brown's victory three nights ago; it sparked some interest in politics within me. I'm further amazed today at how quickly and thoroughly health care momentum has died in the preceding three days. Rachel Maddow said Tuesday night that the Democrats had to push the bill through despite what Brown's victory, and she kept insisting that the real story was how poorly Coakley ran the campaign, not any underlying anger from the "middle". She lost major credibility that night.

Since then, Obama's poll numbers have dropped (could be noise), Nancy Pelosi has said there aren't enough votes to push the House bill through, and a large majority of a poll wants Democrats to drop the current health care bill. Some Democrats want to "take a breather" from health care reform for the time being. Nobody other than Obama has come and said, full speed ahead, damn the torpedos.

If that happens, it's over. It'll be another 15 years before it appears again in the political discourse. I don't see any "re-packaged" bill, even with Republican input, passing.

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Rachel Maddow...

...had major credibility to lose? Did I blink and miss something?

Stunningly, Obamacare does seem dead for now. Alarmingly, Obama is upping the ante rhetorically which is suicidal in conventional political terms, and he's not dumb enough to not know that. He plans to make some game changing move this year which will sidestep conventional politics. That's my read.