Obama Doesn't Speak Austrian, Only Keynesian.

I don't see why Michelle Malkin is making such a big deal about Obama saying he doesn't speak Austrian. I thought everyone knew he only speaks Keynesian, and not because his father is from Kenya either.

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That's beautiful. My hat

That's beautiful. My hat goes off to you, good sir.

Isn't he from Chicago?

You work that in there and you got yourself a home run.

The Man Who Would Be King

I didn't even think of that angle. Unfortunately the term Monetarist doesn't even remotely sound like the name of a language. I'm not sure people would get it if I worked in a Rosanna Danna confusion over the terms Monetarist and Monarchist.

I'd try to work something in but now you've ruined it for me. I just won't seem as clever now that you gave me the hint.