New York Tea Party

Today, Saturday the 28th, there will be a "Tea Party" protest being held in City Hall Park. That's 249 Broadway, New York, from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

There will be socializing afterwards.

If you want to spot me then I'll be the guy with the faux pitchfork.

I'm fed up with these stimulus bills.

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Hum, that's right where I

Hum, that's right where I live so no amount of laziness will justify not going. I'll be wearing a black wool coat and blue jeans, short dark hair.

Article in Village Voice The

Article in Village Voice

The faux-pitchfork is clearly seen on the first pic.


Please keep up the updates as to when/if/where the tea parties will be held in the future


Arthur did pick me out of the crowd and we spent the afternoon with another libertarian friend of his discussing various topics.

All in all the extemporaneous speakers were disappointing by a 3 to 4 ratio at least. Lots of crazies got up to speak. Arthur and I were laughing at some of the comments. Some nut dressed up quasi-military style with a patch reading "Border Patrol" came up behind us and Arthur pretended to be nervous.

Some guy walking by the protest yelled out "You lost, live with it." To which I raised my voice (not loud enough for him to hear) "I always lose. I vote Libertarian".

So out of the millions that live in NY only about 150-200 showed up. Sad really.

So one more thing off my bucket list. [No I'm not dying, but I plan to one day]

1) Dig a well by hand.
2) Dig a basement by hand.
3) Dig a 10 foot deep dry well by hand.
4) Build a lake.
5) Build a waterfall.
6) Build a bat house.
7) Build a snake den.
8) Make love with a woman of every race. (Finished before I married)
9) Find carnivorous plants in the wild.
10) Climb an active volcano.
11) Observe a full eclipse of the sun.
12) Climb a birch sapling to the top an jump sideways while hanging on to elevator softly to the ground.
13) Hang onto the back of a snowmobile wearing ice skates while the driver tries to make you let go by gunning, turning, going over jumps, and up onto the ice covered snow.
14) Snorkeling a peat bog.
15) Catching a 35 pound snapper, turtle man style. Sans the whooping and with a full set of teeth.
16) Establish a lizard colony.
17) Find a bat cave.
18) Catch every species of frog that live in NY.
19) Find and hatch a clutch of snapping turtle eggs, before the racoons find them.
20) Guerrilla garden a bamboo grove.
21) Excavate a small cave.
22) Smuggle baby hermit crabs back from vacation on the plane in your underwear.
23) Build a ten foot long rock footbridge.
24) Build a stone wall.
25) Build a minnow trap.
26) Build a light box.
27) Build a camping platform.
28) Ride a horse for 5 miles with a wooden saddle.
29) Get saddle sore.
30) Train a dog to sit, stay, shake, give me five, snap, sic, lay down, spin, dance, barrel roll, and put your nose up.
31) Read all the major economic treatises written since the Great Depression.
31) Bore people on the internet.

18436) Attend a protest rally.
18437) Meet Arthur B.

To do:
18438) Make a snow fort at age 49.
18439) Found a major religion.

Lots of crazies got up to

Lots of crazies got up to speak.

I thought the crowd would be the living-out-of-a-van, draft dodging, social security card burning, border sealing, North American Union fearing, Freedom to Fascism loving, Ron Paul voter crowd. Something about the "tea party" label draws them out.