Support for the institution of thug regimes remains steady

We sometimes read about those people who were initially enthusiastic about the Nazi party when it appeared to support German self-assertion and unity, and who later realized that it was a gang of thugs hellbent on the dehumanization and murder of German and foreigner alike. Given that Mein Kampf was no secret and that it contained the blueprint for tyranny and war the Nazis would later follow, I still think such people ought to be ashamed. But at least they eventually made the right decision. Those who continued to support the regime only to have the scales fall from their eyes at the point of American and Soviet rifles in 1945 have no excuse.

Similarly, I fault people who support Drug Prohibition for any reason, but I recognize that a basically moral and rational person might fall under the spell at first. But those who continue to support it after all the erosion of individual liberty such as the kind described by Rad Geek here, well, there's no excuse.

To recap, two people who did absolutely nothing to violate
anyone else’s rights or hurt anyone against their will, had their car rammed and then stolen. The narcs knew about the deliberate ramming and
the theft but they lied about them—because, after all, they ordered
them. They used this lie to seize property and obtain evidence without
giving their victims any chance to assert their rights (since they were
lied to, they had no idea that a search or seizure was even taking
place), and without obtaining a warrant or submitting to judicial
oversight of any kind. The narcs feel that they need to be able to do
this kind of thing in order to do their jobs effectively, since snitch anonymity,
which actually has nothing to do with privacy and everything to do with
systematically lying about who they are and what they do, is an
essential tool in their efforts to lock harmless people in cages for
the next several years of their lives. The Ninth Circuit Court of
Appeals, meanwhile, stands by and smilingly waves them on, once again
under the excuse of necessity.


So who are the real criminals here?

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And in case we forget

today is the anniversary of Peter McWilliams' death.

Randall, having known a few

Randall, having known a few older timers from southern germany and talked with them extensively, one should remember the general level of intelligence and media 'savvyness' that was present in a LOT of these smaller, remote areas. they had no internet,TV, independent newpaper, and were protetstant and catholics who literally question NOTHING, from state or government. them and thier families learned what had actually happened elsewhere, when the allied tanks rolled into town.
the 2 people i talked to said they were in total disbelief until it sank in months later. in this particular, isolated case, ingorance is an excuse.
its like lumping you in with the KKK , if you lived in Alabama, and didn't have a clue. there were probably many concientious objectors, the live ones being the ones who shut thier mouths. our world is not the same as 1930 bavaria, or armenia, or a caspian mountain village etc.