My Humble Addition to the Plan

Since it is has been decided that there will be a huge plan to rebuild New Orleans, I would recommend a small addition. This addition will properly convey the essence of this newly rebuilt city and gives proper credit to those who have gone before in such planning. Change the city's name to New Leningrad.

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If you build it on stilts

If you build it on stilts and artificial islands, how about New Tenochtitlan?

Hmmm. Reports have the

Hmmm. Reports have the population WAY down. And I'm secretly hoping that the furuor over The Plan actually continues to retard the use of federal funds to build more. Seems like lots of pretending and spending to put a pretty face on a hollowed-out landfill of a region.

Could we call it New Potemkin?

Should be New Petrograd...

Should be New Petrograd... Lenin didn't plan "Leningrad".

Good idea, though; I can't wait to see the Mardi Gras subsidy packages.