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Novus Ordo Mundi

One of the few areas where I differ with fellow libertarians is privacy concerns. As far as I can tell, knowledge itself is not a threat to liberty; rather, it is what is done - specifically by the government - with that knowledge. Read more »

Ever wonder why Californians have recalls?

Wonder no more, what with all the problems that California faces, our wondrous governor has taken stand on this:

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - California Governor Gray Davis, seeking to bolster his low popularity a month before a recall vote against him, has came out against dirty toilets in schools.

Florida community stifles young entrepreneur

He is an expert landscaper, pulls in $2,500 a month, has a 3.6 GPA, has sent his mother and two aunts on a cruise from his earnings. And he's only 16.

Yet, the homeowners association of a neighborhood called "The Colony" is trying to curb Bishy Tannous's business for among other things, excessive noise, the 'look of his mower', and not being able to get a license for the golf cart he uses to tow his equipment. Read more »

Samizdata Gems

In my recent travels to the UK, I had the chance to chat with a few Samizdatistas, who are as entertaining and witty in real life as they appear on the internet. The topic of highlighting posts on the sidebar, which we obviously do but they do not, came up. It turns out that there is in fact a 'Best of' listing under the category archives, something I had not been aware of. Read more »

Fame, Fortune, and Free Content

(via Arnold Kling)

Keeping with our IP discussion, Clay Shirky has an interesting post on the economics of free content. In particular, he comments on how the internet shifts the balance of the "mandatory payment vs. voluntary donation" towards the voluntary: Read more »

A word about the blogroll

When Brian and I were in the planning stages of the blog, the topic of the blogroll came up. We decided to split it up into two parts.

The nominal Blogroll is like any other blogroll found in the blogosphere - it serves simply to link to other blogs. However, its disadvantage is that its usefulness decreases in proportion to its length. Read more »

Why people are irrational about politics

(via the Volokh Conspiracy)

Apropos of Micha's theme in Liberty Worship, here is a paper examining why people are irrational about politics.

The fallacy of collective choice

An editorial in today's NY Times critical of NASA's attempt to return to regular space shuttles flights asks some difficult but important questions:

Left unaddressed is the matter of just why the aging shuttles should be kept flying, and whether the program is worth the risk and the cost.[...]

Sun is a little darker today

Bill Joy, number 2 man at Sun Microsystems, has announced he is leaving Sun to pursue other interests. We'll miss his presence at Sun, and look forward to seeing him pursue those other interests. Good Luck Bill.