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Catallarchy College Football Top 25 - 9/21/03

For all games played up to 9/20/03, the new rankings:
(Methodology -- Week 1 -- Week 2 -- Week 3)

Rank - Team - Previous
1 -- Oklahoma (1)
2 -- Ohio State (3)
3 -- Iowa (5)
4 -- USC (9)
5 -- Miami (8)
6 -- Tennessee (10)
7 -- Virginia Tech (11)
8 -- Florida State (14)
9 -- Nebraska (19)
10 - TCU (13)
11 - Kansas State (2)
12 - Arkansas (17) Read more »

Ask the business owner

In response to Brian of Peeve Farm's statement about business owners...

I had the following get stuck in my brain like a kidney stone, so here it is:

Q: What is the primary function of a business?

Liberal: To give jobs to employees.
Conservative: To make money for the stockholders.
Free-Floating Whatever: To create goods & services.

The economy needs more hurricanes

The Mises Blog points to the an article by Peter Carlson of the Washington Post in which certain quotes espouse the Broken Window Fallacy. Certainly, some businesses will benefit from the hurricane, but the overall effect has to be a priori negative. Otherwise, the economy would benefit from more hurricanes, earthquakes, war, and flooding.

Braving the elements


Why hokie fans are the best fans in the country:

BLACKSBURG, Va., Sept. 18 -- They played the game.

Is life just a roulette wheel?

Kevin Brancato writes a world-class rant against Brad DeLong's binary conception of misfortune and its remedy.

Waiting for Isabel

A recent examination of the visitor stastistics revealed that approximately 20-25% of our visitors come from outside the US. One of the bigger stories that those outside the US might not know much about is that there is a major hurricane, Isabel, headed toward the east coast as I write this. I have read estimates that as many as 50 million people are in its potential path. Read more »

Root Speculation

Continuing with my discussion of the greatness that is Cryptonomicon, I'd like to offer some speculation about the story behind Enoch Root.

Root, as you may know, dies halfway through the book, in the past setting of 1944. Or does he? Later, in the present setting, he is alive and well. Is this the same Root? It appears so. Read more »

Hodgson on 'left-libertarians'

Stephen Hodgson of Unpersons writes on the contradictions within the term 'left-libertarian'.

I would add that although the right often pays lip service to libertarian ideas, it does not implement them in policy, and is moving farther and farther away from any sort of connection. In the US, the Republican Party is not about smaller government, personal responsibility, free trade, sound money, or restraining government spending in practice and increasingly, nor in philosophy.

Quote of the Day

Amazingly kick-ass!

Sounding more like an overly excited twelve-year-old schoolgirl than a law professor, Eugene Volokh reflects upon the virtues of Neal Stephenson's excellent and "amazingly kick-ass" book Cryptonomicon. Read more »