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On human shields, the 'system', and duty

Steven Den Beste's recent thoughts on human shields provides some fodder for some miscellaneous issues. Read more »

Winning Iraq

It seems every morning I wake up to news of another handful of coalition forces being killed and injured, looting on the rise (and I mean looting rather than claiming Saddam's former possessions), and other indications that the Iraqis aren't all that civillized. But what about the stories I've linked to and commented on in the past suggesting that the Iraqis were creating their own catallarchy, the civil order of market based society? What is going on? Read more »

Physics Fetish

David Adesnik, guest conspirator at, criticizes the scientism of political scientists. The same criticism is often made of economists, as anyone familiar with Austrian, post-autistic, and heterodox economics is already aware. Read more »

I plead guilty

I think I'm in love with Elisabeth Rohm, of Law and Order fame.


Speaking of things appealing, check out Howard Bashman for news and analysis on the Ninth Circus Court's pending ruling, which will be issued tomorrow morning.

One more gratuitous pic for the road: Read more »

The myth of overproduction

The first time I heard the myth of overproduction, in a sociology course last semester, I brushed it off as a fluke - the mad ravings of an unreconstructed Marxist professor. But when I heard the same thing repeated last week in a philosophy course, I realized that these were not just isolated incidents; there must be some method to this madness. Read more »

Kozinski Kraziness

Catch Judge Alex Kozinski on C-SPAN before it's too late. He's hilarious and his Romanian accent just adds to the effect.

Update: Damn, the hearing just finished and I only caught the last few minutes of it. One of the ACLU lawyers made a great Freudian slip at the end: addressing the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, he said, "This is the strongest case that has ever been in this circus..." How apropos.

Privatization to blame for hurricane power outages?

From today's Washington Post Letters to the Editor section (bold mine):

Monday, September 22, 2003; Page A22

Now that the sky has cleared and the winds have died, Washingtonians should be asking how much of the dislocations we're suffering are attributable to weather beyond our control and how much to an under-funded, under-maintained infrastructure.

Broken windows everywhere

A nice article by Steven Yates appears today at the Mises Institute highlighting several examples of the Broken Window Fallacy in the recent media, along with an explanation of why it is bad economics.

A call for homeschooling decriminalization

With a title that sadly underscores the fact that even millions of years of evolution cannot keep even the most obvious of facts self-evident to do-gooders, Ariel Dillon of The Independent Institute writes about personal experiences as a homeschooled child and calls for the decriminalization of homeschooling. An excerpt: Read more »

Quote of the Day

Randy and Avi look into their cups. A weirdly glittering layer of scum is floating atop their coffee.

"It is gold," Furudenendu explains. Both of the Gotos laugh. "During the eighties, when Nippon had so much money, this was the fashion. Too ostentacious. But you go ahead and drink."

Randy and Avi do - a bit nervously. The gold dust coats their tongues, then washes down their throats.

"Tell me what you think," Goto Dengo demands.

"It's stupid," Randy says.
Read more »