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For Sale: One Country Like New

Iraq for Sale.

Regime free, completely demolished and ready for reconstruction. This country is for auction to a private owner because I just cannot afford paying higher taxes to support the 80-90 billion dollars in reconstruction costs. I will accept money orders only. Please no personal checks. Shipping internationally or domestically is out of the question. Feel free to email me with any questions. BONUS - Iraqi residents come free with purchase of country. Serious bidders only.

Better late than never

Over 125 years late to the game, it is nevertheless refreshing to see some scientist 'getting it' with regards to the concept of spontaneous order. Prof. Steven Strogatz has published a new book, "Sync: The Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order", where he popularizes the notion that not only do disparate, non-orchestrated, and non-intelligent creatures and objects have the ability to nevertheless order themselves spontaneously (without direction from a higher source), but that this spontaneous ordering is ubiquitous throughout nature. Read more »

Flag on the play - Unconstitutional conduct

The National 'Do Not Call' Registry was dealt a serious blow by a federal judge today, who ruled in favor of the Direct Marketing Association by blocking the DNC Registry from being implemented. The judge found constitutional questions in the FTC's actions, although not the same that some had argued: Read more »

Plastic advertising?

Why does the plastics industry advertise?

I just saw a television commercial (watch it here), demonstrating some of the benefits of plastics. The description of the commercial, titled "Memories," is as follows: Read more »

File sharing service sues RIAA for piracy

(via The Agitator)

From the "Too good to wait to post" file, KaZaA has filed suit against the RIAA for using pirated copies of the KaZaA software to figure out how to spy on file sharers. Read more »

Stock options compensation and opportunity cost

Arnold Kling links to a paper titled "The Trouble with Stock Options" by Brian J. Hall and Kevin J. Murphy, and quotes the following excerpt from it... Read more »

Just say no

Although this piece from the USA Today still fails to grasp the overriding idea that the best designs arise from the bottom-up, it nevertheless makes some great points about NASA's failures over the last few decades. An excerpt: Read more »

Fellow Traveler


(from Cox & Forkum)

Freeing markets in Iraq?

I really must learn to get myself fully updated on the news before I post blog entries. According to this article from the BBC the coalition authorities are already freeing up the infrastructure type markets, allowing foreign investment. This could be a good thing. Unfortunately, there is no mention of what types of restrictions there will be. If this is like NAFTA opening free trade via thousands of pages of trade restrictions, then it will do little if any good. Read more »

Appeal Unanimous

California is going to have an October recall after all. Reuters reports here.We now return to more appealing subjects here.