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The new Bambino

In a city that is passionate about its professional sports teams, no club is more adored than the Boston Red Sox. For the first time in over 80 years, the Red Sox have a chance to win the World Series, and today's win to tie the first round playoff series 2-2 has sent the city into a celebratory whirlwind. Read more »

Guest Nepenthe

Kevin White of Nepenthe Island will be guest blogging at Catallarchy as time allows during his busy last semetester of college at University of North Texas. Welcome Kevin!

Catallarchy College Football Top 25 - 10/4/04

For all games played through 10/4/04, here are the new rankings:

(Methodology -- Week 1 -- Week 2 -- Week 3 -- Week 4 -- Week 5)

Rank - Team - Previous
1 -- Ohio State (1)
2 -- Oklahoma (2)
3 -- Miami (3) Read more »

Kentucky needs submarines

Your tax dollars at work.
Edit Oct 5, 2003: I am going to cut and paste the actual words of the House Resolution for posterity's sake:

HR 256 (BR 2906) - T. Burch

Encourage the purchase of a submarine to patrol the waters of the Commonwealth and search and destroy all casino riverboats.

Mar 25-introduced in House
Mar 26-to House Floor

Quote of the Day

Kill the Golden Goose

In an otherwise agreeable post on the problems with campaign finance reform, Matthew Yglesias (partially) misses the boat:

What I'd like to see are measures that would reduce the demand for campaign money by providing generous public financing and free airtime and such.

Freedom through politics: a contradiction in terms

Others around the blogosphere have commented on the news that the Free State Project has selected New Hampshire as its target to which 20,000 libertarians will move in order to politically change the state into one more in tune with libertarian ideas. Although I hope they succeed, I am skeptical of their chances. Read more »

Wesley Clark gets it right

Amid the uproar over Rush Limbaugh's resignation from ESPN due to accusations of racist commentary about Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donavan McNabb, many talking heads on television defending Limbaugh have trotted out the First Amendment defense. According to this article, Rush himself said "that he was exercising his free-speech rights in calling McNabb overrated." Read more »


As people often stop reading the blog page when they get down to a post they remember reading, it might be worthwhile to point out the missing posts that were added in today.

Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads

mcflydoc.jpgYou would think that when your blog hits the fan, you would at least notice. Not so. This most devious of bugs was brilliant in its constitution, and stunning in its design. Last weekend, our webhost decided to change the server the site is hosted on to make things run faster, and that we 'wouldn't notice a thing'. They got that right. Read more »