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Lieberman proposes an end to class warfare

"That's class warfare," Lieberman said. "I'm proposing a cease-fire. By leading with integrity, we can restore fairness to the tax code and give some real help to struggling American families."

What is Joe Lieberman going to do to end class warfare?

Raise taxes on the wealthy.

Declan McCullagh is not an ISP

Declan McCullagh, a journalist for CNET, is being asked by the FBI to preserve his documents related to an interview he did with homeless hacker Adrian Lamo. He was informed in a letter by FBI Agent Howard Leadbetter II that Section 2703(f) of the Electronic Communication Transactional Records Act requires him to "preserve records and other evidence in its possession pending the issuance of a court order or other process." Read more »

Libertarians against Dean

Charles Hueter writes that voting for Howard Dean may not be the best strategy for libertarians.

Quote of the Day

Obesity blamed on farmers and 'Big Food'

A combination of collective social policy, bad economics, and portrayal of man as a powerless victim of his environment appear in an article in today's NY Times Magazine by Michael Pollan on the subject of the coming 'obesity epidemic'. Perhaps the most detestable passage from the article follows. Read more »

Quote of the Day

Human Action, not Human Experimentation

Apropos to Jonathan's recent post on global warming and the scientific method, Arnold Kling points to this piece on the Great Depression by Thomas Sowell. An excerpt:

Negative and Positive Compassion?

I'm still trying to wrap my head around this Crooked Timber post by Chris Bertram. Chris asks an interesting question: why do "compassionate conservatives" and other non-egalitarians reject compassion in the sphere of social welfare policy, but accept - and even demand - compassion in the realm of judicial sentencing? Read more »

What's next, Shmaltz Liquor?

From the department of Why Didn't I Register That Trademark? comes,


Make sure to check out the video Two Jews Walk Into a Bar...