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Baude v. Barnett

Will Baude of Crescat Sententia fame grills law prof and Volokh conspirator Randy Barnett with 20 Questions.

Not quite as exciting as Stalin vs. Hitler, I must say.

Stalin vs. Hitler

See the Man of Steel go toe-to-toe with the Aryan ?bermensch!


Advantage: Stalin
Secret Power: The laws of historical inevitability

False Consciousness

Perhaps my favorite Marxist theory is false consciousness: the proletariat doesn't immediately embrace socialism because they have been brainwashed by capitalist ideology.

Like most conspiracy theories, false consciousness cannot be falsified because anyone who denies it must be part of the conspiracy themselves.

Which brings me to another conspiracy... of the Volokh kind. Read more »

Why I have no faith in the American electorate

In a letter to the editor of the New York Times on Tuesday, a certain Nancy Spiller wrote, Read more »

Jews, Jesus, and German cars

Here's a sneak preview at my upcoming Jewsweek article, where I tackle the controversy surrounding Mel Gibson's yet-to-be-released movie The Passion, as well as the silent Jewish boycott against German cars, and tie both issues together to address the deplorable concept of inheritable guilt. Read more »

Skool Daze

Today is an exciting and scary day for most children: the first day of school. Students experience apprehension mixed with embarrassment mixed with joyful expectation. Yet, in many schools, something very disturbing also takes place today: teachers collect all of the newly purchased school supplies from each child and put them into a box, to be later distributed according to need. This often marks a child's first exposure to collectivism. Read more »