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Virtual Piracy

Frequent Catallarchy reader and commenter Tim Swanson sends a hat-tip to this post on Terra Nova about piracy and blackmail in virtual worlds.

Eve-Online is a space-opera MMORPG that has evolved a vibrant PvP sub-culture based on pirates...

The other day a member of my guild got "ambushed" but was ransomed for the sum of 15 Mil Isk. Apparently this is a fair, even cheap price, and some "ransom's" go even higher. ...

Gender Benders

I was all set to respond to this argument by Daniel Moore, but alas, Timothy Sandefur has already beat me to it, and twice, no less! Darn, you, Mr. Sandefur, for stealing the glory. Nevertheless, I still have a few arguments up my sleave which Mr. Sandefur, presumably out of either kindness or boredom, spared Mr. Moore. Read more »

Has the Whole World Gone Crazy? Am I The Only One Here Who Gives A Shit About The Rules? Mark it Zero!

As if it wasn't bad enough already, now conservatives are rationalizing, equivocating, and joking about Abu Ghraib. I mean, what the hell is wrong with these people? Have they no shame?

I was wary of comparisons to Vietnam before, but after this scandal, and the incredibly shameful responses of all too many of the administration's defenders, well, if the shoe fits... Read more »

Tiny Drops in an Enormous Bucket

In the comment thread to my previous post on third-world poverty, John T. Kennedy questions my wisdom in encouraging consumers to enthusiastically purchase products made with sweatshop labor as a means to help these workers increase their standard of living. Read more »

Wal-Mart and Its Discontents

In a previous post on Wal-Mart, I was chastised for defending the company. I wrote,

If one were looking for a shining example of a Randian protagonist, Wal-Mart is it. Wal-Mart is hated for no other reason than being so damn successful.

"I Told You So, You Fucking Fools"

In the spirit of this past May Day, Reason published a much-needed book review a few months ago about In Denial: Historians, Communism and Espionage.

Here's the kicker:

Paternalism and Patriarchy

My new TCS article is up. It is a response to this piece by Douglas Kern about abusive domestic relationships and the (alleged) failure of libertarianism to properly address them. Virginia Postrel's brief criticism inspired me to to respond in full.

Here's the money quote:

Why I Am Not A Socialist

I've often wondered what social factors shaped my political views. Both of my parents are completely apolitical, and I can't recall any other people or events which influenced me one way or another. If I had to narrow it down to something, I would point to my mother?s stories of her childhood in Israel. These stories contain enough commonsense economics to turn even the hardest of statist hearts towards liberty. Read more »

The Labor Theory of Value

The Labor Theory of Value (LTV) is the fundamental premise of Marx's economics and is central to his critique of the free market. Although Marx did not create the theory, he did improve upon it and take it further than any of his predecessors were able or willing to go. If it is correct, then much of Marx's critique of capitalism is also correct. But if it is wrong, then virtually all of Marx's economic theory is also wrong. Read more »

Comparing the Uncomparable

John T. Kennedy and I have been going back and forth over at No Treason on the issue of gay marriage. Kennedy and I both agree that the best solution would be to privatize marriage completely. But Kennedy objects to the argument put forth by my fellow blogger Randall and I that changing the definition of marriage to include homosexuals, while imperfect, is still preferable to the current legal regime. Read more »

Divided We Stand, United We Fall

Frequent Catallarchy commenter Matt points to this article from Fortune magazine by Doug Bandow of Cato arguing for libertarians and other fiscal conservatives to vote Democratic this election.

No Sleep Till Brooklyn

I am currently sitting in the Georgia Tech library killing time until my next final. My first final this morning was at 8:00 a.m., an ungodly hour at which no one in their right mind should willingly be conscious. So instead of going to sleep early, I decided to stay up all night for the third time in two weeks. I haven't pulled multiple all-nighters since freshman year, and I think I'm losing my edge. Read more »

Let Me Be

An inspiring essay in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

Both individuals and society are diminished when conditioned to look to the government to fill in the gaps. Think about it. Rather than responding to a need, (e.g. impoverished children or elderly) by asking how we as individuals can help, we now reflexively ask, "What programs are available so that I do not need to be responsible?"

Against The Revolution

Marginal Revolution is my least favorite blog.

I hardly ever visit because every time I do, I feel compelled to read every single post in its entirety, follow every link, explore every option, and leave no stone unturned. Each post is a gem in its own right, and I feel like linking to and commenting on each and every post, which is a serious blogging no-no.

Please, Tyler, insert some throw-away posts every now and then so I won't be filled with envy every time I read your blog. Read more »