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Anthropomorphizing The Refrigerator

Grant McCracken blogs his fridge: Read more »

If You Don\'t Eat Your Meat, You Can\'t Have Any Pudding

Lindsay Beyerstein of Majikthise succinctly summarizes Will Wilkinson's primary criticism of Rawls on desert:

  • Common sense has it that people who work harder and contribute more deserve greater rewards.
  • Rawls claims that his theory elucidates our common sense understanding of justice. Rawls denies that his theory is an argument for some new and philosophically controversial position on the nature of justice.

Political Child Abuse

Brian Leiter asks, regarding the children's book, Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed: A Small Lesson in Conservatism,

What must the intellectual and emotional condition of parents be like who would buy this for their kids?

The implication being that only ignorant, emotionally unstable parents would teach their children: (modern) liberals bad, conservatives good. Read more »

Throw The Jew Down The Well

Reader esco took me to task in my post below for endorsing the view that Muslims are entirely responsible for anti-Semitism. That was not my intention, and I don't think that was the intention of The Decadent West, to whom I linked. Read more »

Weird Dream

I had a really weird dream last night. Normally, I don't even remember having dreams, but this one bordered on nightmare-scary and woke me up.

I was driving down a steep incline and saw a stop sign marking a crosswalk at the bottom of the hill. The crosswalk was next to a school, and young children were walking along with their teachers. I was only going about 30, and after pressing my brakes, I reduced my speed to just over 5 mph. Read more »


[via Tim]

Mystery Man

For those unfortunate souls who were unable to attend Mises University last week, the good folks at have kindly made Roderick Long's mystery speech on anarchism available for free download in mp3 format.

And don't worry, the RIAA won't come after you for this one. (But they probably should, if they knew what was good for them.)

The Big Bang Made Me Do It

In what will hopefully be an ongoing series, Will Wilkinson tackles some weaknesses in Rand's Objectivist philosophy. First on the chopping block: determinism and free will.

Will is right to criticize Objectivists for assuming the very thing they are attempting to prove. As he puts it:

Jews Are Not Evil Wizards

Does this mean I need to hand in my secret decoder ring? Damn.

[via The Honorable Jackass]

My Hero Is A Filthy Socialist

John from agnosiophobia has more thoughts on Mises U.

Merit Badges

Brad Delong, favorably citing Matthew Yglesias and Max Sawicky on why stealing from the hardworking and talented is a-ok: Read more »

Bizarro Chomsky

Since when did Noam Chomsky acquire an understanding of basic economics? I may need to read him more often just to make sure this isn't a fluke. Weird.


Gene Healy:

[W]hy vote for the LP with a straight face? Why should I treat the process any more seriously than it treats me? And if you want to send a message with your vote, then what better message to send than, I'm so dissatisfied with the Freddy vs. Jason nature of the two party race, that I'm willing to vote for a guy who's been living in his car for the last year or so?

Which gives me an idea. What Libertarians need is a motivational speaker. Read more »

Fractional Reserve Banking Reconsidered

Curses, Randall, for beating me to this topic by a fraction of a second. (Get it? Fraction/Fractional? Haw, haw.) Read more »