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IP Freely

Joseph Weisenthal of Liberteaser and I have been going back and forth on that age-old question of the legitimacy of intellectual property rights. Read more »


While we're on the topics of Orwell references and those separated at birth, frequent Catallarchy commenter Matt informs me that Christopher Hitchens had a little-known cameo in the latest Harry Potter movie.

Orwell Matters; Politics Doesn\'t

All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred, and schizophrenia.

As his response to the problem of politics, John Hasnas gave a nice pop culture reference taken from the '83 Matthew Broderick flick WarGames. After playing out all the possible outcomes for Global Thermonuclear War, Joshua the Computer concludes: Read more »

Markets, Solidarity and Interdependence

In his paper released today on Social Security, "Noble Lies, Liberal Purposes, and Personal Retirement Accounts," Will Wilkinson offers the following response to the critics of capitalism who claim that free markets lead to alienation and social disintegration: Read more »

Family Resemblances

Beavis and Wittgenstein: separated at birth?

Short and Sweet

Last night, at Reason Magazine's happy hour, Matthew Yglesias gave us his synopsis of The Road to Serfdom:

It starts with food stamps, it ends with the gulag. That's the book.

I didn't recognize Yglesias with his new do.

Barking Cats

Wreathed In Smoke In Lebanon

Sitting across the cubicle from me is fellow Cato intern Jessica Ashooh, who just returned from a semester of studying abroad at the American University of Beirut. She arrived here late because her semester was extended as a result of the protests and the three day mourning of the Prime Minister's assassination. Following in a proud Catallarchy tradition, Jessica attended all of the Lebanese pro-democracy protests and has the pictures to prove it.

Read more »

Why You Should Be Watching Battlestar Galactica

Without my trusty way-too-many-gigabyte TiVo, I lack the discipline to watch Battlestar Galactica. My TiVo has conditioned me to the point that I have no idea what day or time any given show airs. I've missed so many episodes, and liked the ones I've seen so much, that I am committed to buying the DVD when it is released.

But for now, I must console myself with BSG nostalgia. Here is a choice bit from Leonard at Unruled: Read more »

Our Mafia, The State

The line between government and mafia grows ever smaller, if it ever existed at all.

...Ojeda did not invent drug dealer taxing; the Mexican Mafia had been taxing inmates in California prison yards since the 1960s, said Duarte.

Introducing The Liberty Belles

Catallarchy is now hosting a sister blog, the Liberty Belles. Unlike some other blogs that will remain unmentioned, I can personally attest that the authors are actually who they say they are. Read more »

Chinese Curse

May I live in interesting times, indeed.

On Sunday, our apartment building caught on fire. When the alarm sounded, I walked out into the hallway and smelled smoke -- the smell of candle smoke. My neighbors were leaving their apartments too, so I took this as the real deal and made a split-second decision to save my most valuable and difficult to replace possession: my 250+ DVD collection. Others grabbed their cats, picture frames, and tattered books. The concentration of smoke increased as we walked down the stairs, and was thick and noxious on the ground floor right before we exited the building. Firefighters had already arrived in five or six trucks, so they must have triggered the alarm when they got here. A friend stood outside in shorts and a towel, dripping wet from the shower. We waited twenty minutes until the firefighters let us back in. Turns out the fire started in the garbage chute and the smoke worked its way up the floors. Presumably, some idiot threw a lit cigarette down the disposal. The firefighters had to break down a door on the roof to let out the smoke, but other than that there was no significant property damage. The adrenaline rush was incredible.

Met P.J. O'Rourke on Monday. I was doing front desk guard duty covering for the security guard while he was out to lunch, and O'Rourke arrived to meet with Tom Palmer. I got to chat with him for a bit - I told him how much I enjoyed Eat The Rich and that it inspired me to do a research paper on Swedish economic history. We both agreed that Swedish women are really hot.

Cato interns and employees keep coming up to me and telling me how much they enjoy reading Catallarchy. My fifteen minutes is well worth what little effort I put into this place. Read more »

Unfrozen Caveman Economist

Kevin Robinson sums up the whole Bob Geldoff ticket brouhaha in one pithy phrase:

Clueless, Bob. If you don't capture the consumer surplus, some other economic actor will.

It says a lot about Geldoff and people like him when their hatred of capitalism and markets outweighs their supposed desire to help poor people. Charity concert my ass. Read more »