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He says with a straight face

Take 2 of these and...

Apologies for the downtime over the last day or so. Still trying to figure out what happened...

All I want for Christmas is...

...Mariah Carey.


Higher salaries for New York superintendents

The Governor of New York signed a bill allowing the maximum district superintendent salary to rise starting in 2003-2004.

'Talented leaders are hard to find in any field, and increasingly so in education. This has been exacerbated by artificially low limits on the salary available for BOCES superintendents,' said David Ernst, director of communications for the New York State School Boards Association. [...]

Now, salaries are capped at $166,762, or 98 percent of the commissioner's 2003-04 salary.

Turn around and run away!

Baghdad city council members are in the US receiving a "crash course" in democracy.

For members of the Baghdad City Council visiting Denver, listening to citizens before making a decision was something they couldn't quite imagine. [...]

Lindows = trademark infringement?

So say judges in Finland and Sweden:

Judges in Finland and Sweden have given Microsoft Corp. what it has twice been denied in the U.S.: preliminary injunctions barring Linux vendor Inc. from using the Lindows name. [...]

"In response to what is a clear and obvious infringement on our trademark, Microsoft has taken action in select international territories to curtail infringing or misleading behavior on the part of," [Microsoft spokeswoman] Drake said.

A return trip

Alex Tabarrok of Marginal Revolution shares a personal anecdote of how economic reasoning allowed him to behave ?rationally? and make a better economic decision for himself. Read more »

Carnival of the Capitalists

This week's Carnival of the Capitalists is up at samaBlog.

Moving forward...

A bittersweet day for me. A quiet solace pervades my heart at the knowledge that a human butcher has been captured in a most unglorified state for all the world to see, with vermin in his beard and helpnessness in his aura.

Yet, I cannot get past the chagrin I feel at the fact that other individuals like Saddam still walk the Earth in this 'Enlightened' Age. Did anyone learn the lessons of the 20th century? Read more »

New and improved clinch

John Venlet has a new home and is now using pMachine. Go pay him a visit and read his criticism of group labels.

Update - I really didn't pilfer Billy Beck's pun (although mine is slightly different). Great minds think alike.

Words of wisdom

"These kids these days"

Though not quite eligible to be a 'beneficiary' of AARP just yet at the ripe old age of 28, I am often sent into a state of despondency upon learning of the proselytism imbuing the halls of higher learning these days. I worry about the next generation.

Yet, nothing brings me out of the funk quite like reading the august writings of college Catallarchists Micha Ghertner, Randall McElroy, and Kevin White. They give me hope for the future. Read more »

AARP - "the mother of all special interests"?

From the CEO of the AARP in the Boston Globe:

Why AARP supported Medicare bill

Campaign finance depression

Robert Clayton Dean has fallen into a deep depression over the Supreme Court's recent ruling allowing the government to ban "soft money". After some self-medication, he makes a lengthy argument that this sort of regulation is a violation of free speech. Read more »

Freer markets in Iraq?

Some excerpts from an optimistic article about post-War Iraq:

"The situation is still tight for us, but we have a bit to play with," Mr Kadhem snr said. "In the past, the government wanted to fight against the citizens; they wanted this country to be underdeveloped. But my income now is much stronger than before." [...]