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Just say no

Blogs as new media

DEA chasing doctors

A Washington Post article by Marc Kaufman details the expansion of the War on Drugs into doctors' offices. Some excerpts:

Jeri Hassman, one of Tucson's busiest pain doctors and a specialist in rehabilitation, was getting ready to inject a patient with a pain-killing treatment one day in March when federal officials burst into her Calmwood clinic, took off her jewelry, put her in handcuffs and led her to jail. [...]

Carnival of the Capitalists

Brilliant student dies of brain anuerysm

From Washington Post writer Patricia Sullivan, some of her accomplishments: Read more »

No political solution

Today's Washington Post editorial is highly critical of the District's public school system. There is a hint of desperation in the words. Read more »

The market overcomes racism

Many people are uncomfortable with the classical libertarian position of property rights giving owners the right to determine who they freely associate with because the result could be that minorities are discriminated against. That is the consequence of a free society; there will always be bigots and louts. However, just as they ought to be able to say what they want, so should they ought to be able to use their property as they want. Read more »

Happy Holidays

Seasons greetings to all Catallarchy readers and friends!

Things are a bit slow around here right now but will pick up soon.

A "community responsibility"

Kelly Jane Torrance gets kicked out of the Adipose Police convention.

This kind of thing pisses off Kim du Toit.

Billy Beck identifies the underlying premise on which this nonsense is based.

Carnival of the Capitalists

This week's version of the Carnival of the Capitalists is up at The Bejus Pundit.

Internet and Law: 2003

Doug Isenberg writes a summary of significant events in Internet law over the last year. From my perspective, some of it was good, most of it not so good, with the most ominous (non)action being failure to renew the Internet Tax Freedom Act.

Beef - it's what's for dinner, again

According to a Washington Post article, the Atkins Diet is one reason that beef prices are up recently.

"That Atkins diet has really helped demand for beef," said Bill Garrison, 62, who, along with his two sons, raises cattle on 18,000 acres north of Dillon. He is also the immediate past president of the Montana Stockgrowers Association. "Prices are higher now than I thought I would ever see."

In praise of greed

Radley Balko's latest article at Foxnews, "Greed Makes the World Go 'Round," gives one reason why even non-religious folks can appreciate the holiday season. Read more »

Left, right, up, down

Alex Singleton writes that the blogosphere leans right, and tells why.

Eugene Volokh believes that it's pretty much down the center.

I disagree with both and say that it leans up (down?) towards individualism, at least more than traditional media does.