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When the lights go out...

More evidence for the coming Endarkenment:

Health coverage, he said, is not about economics. "It's a moral issue," [Gephardt] insisted. "It is immoral for people not to be covered by health insurance." And he closed by riffing with a preacher's rhythm on the refrain "We're all tied together" to evangelize about mutual responsibilities and social obligations. [...]

Doctors choosing lifestyle

According to the NY Times, a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association reveals that doctors are choosing specialties more based on lifestyle considerations than in years past. Read more »

Carnival of the Capitalists

This week's Carnival of the Capitalists is up at Ensight.

Give it up Dubya

So Bush wants to go back to the moon and then on to Mars. And he wants to increase NASA's budget. This is the same organization that blew up a shuttle last year and has a horrible track record of competence and safety. Read more »

Kinsley on protectionism

Michael Kinsley shows why he has become one of my favorite "mainstream" pundits over the last couple of years. I could only find one item from his column to disagree with, whereas with most writers, it's difficult to find even one item to agree with.

Yglesias on The Truth

In a post about the role of parents and the state in education, Matthew Yglesias says: Read more »

Preach it Gwen


It's my life
Don't you forget!

Richard Cohen: out of his pro-tax mind

Richard Cohen's mind can't handle abstract associations. It simply doesn't have the ability. His rant in the Washington Post on a remark by GOP activist Gilbert Norquist on NPR supposedly "comparing" the estate tax to the Holocaust is off by a mile. Read more »

Mafia as contract enforcers

Fabio Rojas posts about the relationship between Russian gangs and businesses at Marginal Revolution, as told in the book Violent Entrepreneurs by Vadim Volkov. Read more »

Equal time for Dean

An article in today's NY Times looks at a decision made in part by one of Howard Dean's aides while he serving as governor of Vermont. The decision was the awarding of a contract to an HMO that the aide had previously represented as a lobbyist. Read more »

More predictions for 2004

I can't let Dave have all the fun, so here are my predictions for 2004.

* The stock market will top in February or March, and this Fed induced mini-bull will fizzle out. New lows will be seen in October 2006.

* Gold will hit $500/oz in the second half of the year.

Carnival of the Capitalists

This week's Carnival of the Capitalists has been posted at A Special Kind of Stupid.

Hope in Bihar

Vote war criminal

Among all of the garbage taught in public schools these days, one of the worst ideas is that democracy is a preferred form of government, or that it was what the Founders desired. After years of brainwashing, I often used to conflate democracy and liberty without realizing that one is fundamentally incompatible with the other. The lessons of the recent Serbian general election illustrate one of the many drawbacks of democracy. Read more »