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The Reverend speaks

I wanted to say Gov. Dean, don't be hard on yourself about hootin' and hollerin'. If I'd spent the money you did and got 18 percent, I'd still be hollerin' in Iowa.

- Al Sharpton

Kristof buys prostitutes

Okay, so that title is a bit misleading, but Nicholas Kristof tells his story of buying the freedom of two prostitutes in Cambodia. It's an interesting account of complex relationships and the nuances of social pressure.

The Presidential Rumble

rockonropes.jpgThere is no night worse in US politics than the night of the State of the Union. It's like watching professional wrestling, only not nearly as entertaining. A raucous crowd fills the stands made up of alternately enthusiastic supporters and heckling antagonists. Showmanship abounds and bravado permeates the air. Punches are pulled, flying kicks bounce off the opponents' necks, and leaps defying logic are taken from high. Read more »

Free trade between nations, or between people?

In response to a comment by John T. Kennedy to this post at The Agitator, "harm" of Ne Quid Nemis writes:

Humbug; this kinda comment, posted @ Balko's own site, is exactly the kinda knee-jerk pseudo-libertarianism that I loathe almost as much as I dislike obtuse bleeding heart rubbish:

Carnival of the Capitalists

This week's Carnival of the Capitalists is up at Unpersons.

Strawman Alert!

Paul Craig Roberts writes at the Mises Blog:

I am amazed that some libertarians defend this redistribution on the grounds that the Asians could benefit by more than Americans (first world in general) would lose. If libertarians favor the international redistribution of income, why do they oppose the domestic redistribution of income?

Libertarians oppose coercive redistribution. Read more »

Sunday drive around the blogosphere

Jason Kirk analyzes the Tennessee House Republicans' New Vision For Tennessee - parts 1, 2, 3, and 4. Read more »

Minimum wage laws are immoral

The previous entry highlighted the arguments against boycotts and protectionist policies against products from businesses in third world countries. The conditions under which these employees work are substandard compared to conditions under which US employees work. There is little question about that. However, they willfully choose to work under those conditions. They see it as the best alternative among all the other jobs they could possibly take. Read more »

Globalization and the third world

There have been a lot of good posts around the blogosphere about globalization and its effects on the third world. Art Carden writes at the Mises Blog about a slide show from the NY Times: Read more »

And don't come back

Take the weather with you

Batten up the hatches, here comes the cold. Read more »

A small victory in the War on Terror

Bush embraces social programs

How many times have we heard from conservatives that social programs won't work? I hope they respond in the same way to this $1.5 billion proposal from Bush to "promote marriage".

The plan would provide at least $1.5 billion for training to help couples develop interpersonal skills that sustain "healthy marriages," the paper said.

Again, there is little functional difference between right and left today.

Dobbs: outsourced

In a lightning strike of cosmic justice, Lou Dobbs's job gets outsourced to India.

[via The Agitator]