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Government and Violence

cowboysunset.jpgIn an kickass article posted at last week, Ryan McMaken takes on the myth of the frontier West being violent. Read more »

Speaking of Ethics...

The big guns have come out for a debate at Reason. Richard A. Epstein, Randy Barnett, David Friedman, and James P. Pinkerton are the participants:

Coercion vs. Consent

Needless to say, I am more impressed by the arguments presented by Friedman and Barnett.

Question for Lou Dobbs

From a partial transcript of Dobbs's interview with James K. Glassman:

GLASSMAN: So outsourcing, offshoring, whatever you call it, it is always called by something different during different generations -- those are the words right now. But it's trade. And it's good for the Indians and it's good for Americans.

DOBBS: OK. Let's assume that trade is good, because here no one has argued otherwise.

Justice: Neutral with Respect to the Good

In the previous post, I made the distinction between justice ? the ?oughts? of the use of force, and morality ? the ?oughts? of voluntary associations. Randy Barnett?s liberal conception of justice, as espoused in The Structure of Liberty, prohibits unjust conduct, but does not forbid immoral action. Read more »

To Hell and Back Twice

Jan Cydzik got caught in collectivism's path twice, and lived to tell about it.

[via Dean's World]

George Will on Protectionism

From the Washington Post:

But protectionism is unconservative, unseemly and unhealthy -- indeed, lethal.

Unconservative? Protectionism is a variant of what conservatives disparage as "industrial policy" when nonconservatives do it. It is government supplanting the market as the picker of economic winners. Another name for industrial policy is lemon socialism -- survival of the unfit.

The Just vs. the Good

The Curmudgeonly Clerk has been blogging away about libertarianism, claiming that libertarians do in fact want to legislate morality, but won't admit it. Read more »

A Rarely Uttered Profundity

A creeping socialism is inherent in democracy.

- Kyle Markley

Puplava on Inflation

Jim Puplava writes an excellent article on various topics including inflation, econometrics, and market bubbles, which echoes a lot of my views on the broader market. The whole thing is worth reading, but here are some choice excerpts [via Mises Blog]: Read more »

Does Capitalism <i>Create</i> Poverty?

In response to the tragic deaths of illegal Chinese workers at Morecambe bay, Chris Bertram concludes that "such tragedies are a normal and predictable consequence of capitalism." I posted a response as follows below, with Chris's text in italics.

Read more »

Carnival of the Capitalists

Oh no he did-ent!

Chris Martin of Coldplay just dedicated his Grammy to John Kerry. I kid you not.



Another hero down the drain.

Trust the Parents

Matt Yglesias links to an article in the American Prospect which reports that a Chilean voucher program had no effect on math and language scores and writes: Read more »

Digital Pirates Raided!

(I always wanted to say that.)

Kazaa became a major target yesterday in the global war on P2P networks: Read more »

A Matter of Degrees

We have been critical of Paul Craig Roberts in the past based on his claim that the Law of Comparative Advantage does not hold into today?s world. Read more »