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Yes it can

Calpundit writes that marriage "simply can't be privatized" and points a post by Atrios as an explanation. As Modulator states, Atrios hasn't explained anything other than to show what laws pertain to marriage. Atrios highlights in bold certain 'rights' which he says would "be difficult or impossible to establish by private contract" such as: Read more »

Dealing with Reality

From David Ignatius of the Washington Post:

In the run-up to last week's Wisconsin primary, Edwards was proclaiming himself the anti-NAFTA candidate, which to me is the economic equivalent of joining the Flat Earth Society. A defensive Kerry was almost apologizing for his support for the 1993 free-trade pact with Mexico and blasting "Benedict Arnold CEOs" who export jobs overseas in an effort to cut costs.

The Truth Comes Out

About time:

Education Secretary Rod Paige called America's largest teacher's union a "terrorist organization," according to Wisconsin Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle, who said he heard the remark along with Republican and Democratic governors during a private meeting Monday at the White House.

"These were the words, 'The NEA is a terrorist organization,'" Doyle told reporters.

Strike <i>This</i>

UK university lecturers are going on strike. Andy Duncan is not impressed. In fact, he sees it as a good thing and wishes they would continue the strike indefinitely.

Interests and Consequences

Check out Steve Verdon's excellent Carrot and Stick Policy post, in which he explains how well-intentioned policies are invariably tied to special interest groups and result in unintended consequences that often have the opposite result of the intended goal.

Anybody Notice a Trend?

Three of the last six Wired covers:


(Not that I'm complaining)

Can I be a Zippie Too?

From a column in today's NY Times by Thomas Friedman: Read more »

Democracy is not your friend

Denial ain\'t just

What are the common defenses given for the evils of communism?

  • The Soviet rulers were nowhere as bad as the Nazis.
  • The numbers of tens of millions murdered are 'greatly exaggerated'.
  • Hitler was wrong to crush the Jews who he saw as traitors orchestrating Germany's demise, but the Soviet partisans of "treason and capitulation" had to be "crushed".
  • At least the socialists had their hearts in the right place.
  • Modern day libertarians are really fascists.
  • Soviet atrocities are in no way 'comparable' to the Holocaust.

What's it worth to ya?

A Free Market in Morality

The distinction gives rise to the different domains of the state and civil society, respectively. Read more »

Blogs as Fundraisers

From Wired news:

Not even his own staff would call Democratic congressional candidate Ben Chandler a nethead.

"He uses the Internet almost exclusively for fantasy baseball," said campaign spokesman Jason Sauer, who added that he wasn't sure whether, until recently, Chandler even knew what a blog was.

Carnival of the Capitalists