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Government Officials Receive Phony Degrees

From Wired News:

At least 28 high-ranking government officials, including three managers responsible for emergency operations at nuclear facilities, have fake degrees from so-called diploma mills, according to a government report issued Tuesday. [...]

La Toya Wuz Robbed!!!

I demand a full recount and a new, state-of-the-art voting system, paid for by the American taxpayers. We deserve better, we have to pay the price, we have to make sacrifices and make the necessary contributions. Investment in this new technology will assure the children of America a brighter future. With our current antiquated system, people's fingers might slip resulting in an inadvertant wrong phone vote. Giant LCD displays with the contestant's pictures must be installed in people's living rooms immediately adjacent to the television. Read more »

Protectionism = Freedom?

In the comments below, "Info Tech Guy" writes:

The people at Rescue American Jobs *are* freedom-loving patriotic Americans. They are the loyal opposition to the multinational corporate oligarchy now in control of most allegedly representative government. Oh, I left out that they are also "community preserving". If you support outsourcing and importation of low wage "guest workers" you are aligned with the multinational corporatations against the interests of the middle class.

Private Info vs Public Info

Jeffrey Tucker makes the critical point about the distinction between information gathered by private parties and information gathered by the government. Read more »

Cultural Insourcing

Bombay Dreams, a play I first saw in London, has finally made it to America.

Call it outsourcing. Just as major financial institutions and computer corporations have exported jobs to India, that is where Lloyd Webber found a way of recycling the hoariest of plotlines and romantic cliches to give them currency and political correctness. [...]

At least they could have given us a link

Radley Balko points to a deviously crafty article about him and our own Micha Ghertner, and their exchanges with the AmericanJoblog. It's amazing how Pete Johnson and cohorts come off as patriotic, freedom loving, community preserving Americans in the article after all this.

A Negative-Sum Game?

Proponents of the free-market often point out that it is a positive-sum endeavor. Both parties have the potential for benefitting in a voluntary exchange. Specialization, division of labor, and enhanced productivity increase the standard of living for all.

Some opponents of the free-market see it as a fixed-sum game. When one party benefits, another party inevitably loses. Read more »

Ralph Nader: Fashion Critic

nader.gifNot satisfied with merely telling consumers of the world that they are stupid, Ralph Nader has sunk to a new low. He has written a letter to baseball commissioner Bud Selig decrying the presence of advertisements on the uniforms of players. Read more »

Quote of the Day

You're goddamn right the CEOs of Intel and Coke deserve more than the President of the United States of America, and the same is true for nearly all of the past Presidents of the United States of America, except for maybe William Henry Harrison, who, like a good politician, died in thirty days.

- Micha Ghertner

Voluntary Education and Active Learning

Robert Murphy writes about the harm caused in the education industry by government meddling. I think the following paragraph is a crucial point. Read more »

Made-to-Order Babies

Is it ethical for a couple to have a baby with the intent of using tissue from that baby to treat their other children with medical conditions? That is the question raised in an article from the Chicago Times. Read more »

Against the Herd

My approach to investing can be summed up in one word: contrarian.

Most successful investors I know, no matter what other factors they use in making decisions, are contrarians whether they know it or not. They may call themselves a "value investor" or a "growth investor" or a "momentum investor", but if they exceed market returns, they are likely to be contrarians. Read more »

Health Care Information Systems

note.jpgIn today's NY Times, Newt Gingrich and Patrick Kennedy identify a problem but propose the wrong solution. They see the archaic information systems so prevalent in most hospitals and want to completely overhaul them to bring them into the modern era. Read more »

Carnival of the Capitalists