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Reagan's Moral Judgment

In response to a post by guest blogger Mike Rappaport at the Volokh Conspiracy, Matt Yglesias asks, Read more »

Carnival of the Capitalists

Balko Covers the Burger Police

Radley Balko has been covering the TIME/ABC News Obesity Summit in Williamsburg, VA this past week, and has written about his adventures at Tech Central Station.

* Welcome to the Obesity Summit

* 'As Threatening to Us As the Terrorist Threat'? Read more »

Virtual Real Estate

An interesting article on the online game Second Life details the growth of the market for virtual real estate.

Large swathes of undeveloped online property, some bearing an uncanny resemblance to a palm-studded West Coast beachfront idyll, are selling for up to $550 an acre.

A Consequential Argument against the War

One way to think of the governments of the world is as a political market. Each government has its own laws, regulations, and tax policies, analagous to a vendor selling goods in a bazaar, alongside other such vendors. There is no supra-national higher authority to regulate these governments. The United States has been historically an attractive government to live under, and thus, people have often chosen this government from the world political market, resulting in an nation of immigrants. Read more »

Cooperation through Selfishness

In a society of humans, can cooperation exist? That was the question pondered by both Hobbes and Kropotkin, among others. Hobbes gave the pessimistic answer, writing that in a "state of nature", selfish individuals were in such ruthless competition that the result was "a state of war, every man against every man" and a life that was "solitary, poor, nastry, brutish, and short". Read more »

Toadly Agry

Now this is a cause I can get behind.

Seven members of the American Literacy Society picketed the 77th annual spelling bee, which is sponsored every year by Cincinnati-based Scripps Howard.

The protesters' complaint: English spelling is illogical. And the national spelling bee only reinforces the crazy spellings that lead to dyslexia, high illiteracy, and harder lives for immigrants.

The Nature of Man

A question for readers-- consider the following quotes: Read more »

Markets in Action

Many Americans want energy independence from Middle Eastern oil, and want the government to fund research into alternative energy sources to achieve this. This is an issue that has broad support on 'both' sides of the political spectrum. It is also a bad idea. Read more »

Agitator in <i>Time</i>

Congratulations to Radley Balko who is published in the latest issue of Time magazine, fighting the good fight against the Burger Police.

Radley has been kind enough to invite Micha and myself to guest blog at The Agitator this week while he's off to the TIME/ABC News obesity summit, so we will be cross-posting our posts at both places.

Memorial Day

Chris Matthew Sciabarra tells of his "Uncle Sam", a survivor of WWII who kept his human side intact even in the savagery of war. Read more »

A <a href="">Bleg</a>

I rarely get feedback from readers and am grateful when I do. Since we've been at this for a year, I am asking all of you readers for feedback.

What do you think of Catallarchy in general?
What do you like/dislike about it?
How did you find the blog?
How often do you read it?
How can we improve the blog?
Have your views changed at all based on what you read here?
Why don't more of you comment? Read more »

Carnival of the Capitalists

Slaughterhouses, Restaurants, and Agency Capture

Among the justifications given for state intervention in the economy is ensuring the safety of consumer goods - everything from cars to food to drugs. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is an organization whose tasks include, among other things, ensuring the safety of meat, poultry, and egg products. Read more »