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Looking for an Answer

Vaclav Havel says it's "time to act on North Korea" in today's Washington Post. Read more »

"Internet Hate Crime"

I find the term "hate crime" at best conceptually meaningless, and worse, a bastardization of the English language. This Reuters article takes it one step further by using the term "internet hate crime". Some of the things mentioned in the article should be considered bad taste, yet nothing strikes me as anything like a crime. At least when a supposed "hate crime" occurs, a crime is actually carried out, and the thought police tack on the word "hate" after the fact. Read more »

Coulda Been A Lot Worse

Al Qaeda had much bigger plans than what was actually executed on 9/11, according to the bipartisan commission investigating the terrorist plot. What's astonishing to me is just how low the cost of operation was.

The plot cost an estimated $400,000 to $500,000, not including the hijackers' training in Afghanistan. The hijackers spent about $270,000 in the United States, mainly on flight training, travel, housing, and vehicles.

The Lunatic Mainstream

Political victories come small and sporadically for limited government advocates. One such small positive might have been the recent elections in Europe in which the Euroskeptics finally made some noise in Britain, Germany, France, and Poland. For anyone concerned about the worldwide political market, the EU represents less diversity and greater centralization. The choice for Britain is whether it becomes simply another colony in a Belgian Empire, or whether is remains an independent North Atlantic nation rooted in the liberal traditions of the Anglosphere. Read more »

Motown Mo-Better

Congrats to the Detroit Pistons for winning the NBA championship. (I bet Doug Allen is out rioting somewhere. ) The series was a one-sided domination. This years Pistons are the best defensive team I have seen since the late 80s Pistons. What's great is their chemistry. For years, the conventional wisdom was that a team had to have three superstars to win it all. Lakers with Magic, Kareen, and Worthy. Bulls with Jordan, Pippen, Grant/Kokuc. Some teams began have recently won with two superstars. Read more »

Carnival of the Capitalists

Moralists, Neocons, and Crony Capitalists

Sebastian Mallaby gives the brutal truth about the modern day Republican Party in today's Washington Post. Read more »

Property Rights? How Quaint!

Radley Balko has a nice article in today's Washington Post Outlook section defending the rights of owners of restaurants and bars to determine the rules of their establishments.

The Emperor of Tertiary Education has no Clothes

Yobbo says what needs to be said about education.

Why should universities do the recruiter's job for them? If your recruiting department is continually hiring people who aren't capable of the job, perhaps it's time to take a look in your own backyard.

Deontology vs. Enforcement

Glen Whitman states what I was trying to state below much better than I did.

Is Land Special?

In response to that same post by Eugene Volokh described below, Mark Kleiman writes that land is a different type of property than are apples. Read more »

The Cold War: Small Steps Toward a Better World

[nikita] Read more »

Negative Rights, Positive Rights, and Intellectual Property

Eugene Volokh disagrees with Stephen Bainbridge's TCS essay on the distinction between positive and negative rights, because as he sees it, "the terms usually refer to the right to be let alone by the government (negative rights) and the entitlement to benefits provided by the government (positive rights)", and thus, private property and freedom of contract, wh Read more »

Yo Quiero Hit you in the Face

DES MOINES, Iowa -- A man who claimed he didn't get the taco he paid for has been charged with assault for allegedly pelting a Taco Bell clerk in the face with a chalupa.
Read more »

The End of an Era

Years from now, our children and grandchildren shall remember and long for a better age whose winding path finds its final footstone placed today. They will light candles in solemn remembrance and sing songs of reminiscence.

Yes folks, it's true. Creed has broken up.

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