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The Pieces of the Soviet History Pie

harm delineates five periods of the history of the Soviet Union.

Sowell on Cosby

Thomas Sowell gives his opinion on Bill Cosby's recent statements.

Bill Cosby and the black "leadership" represent two long-standing differences about how to deal with the problems of the black community. The "leaders" are concerned with protecting the image of blacks, while Cosby is trying to protect the future of blacks, especially those of the younger generation.

The P2P Society

The Declaration vs The Constitution

Carlos Ball concludes his TCS article on Latin American democracy with:

Latin Americans must face up to the fact that government is the problem. The politicians we have been electing for decades only manage to sink us into deeper despair. The U.N. summits and the IMF bureaucrats will never point the way out. But there is really no hidden secret; anyone can recognize what has to be done by reading and understanding the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

More Cosby

Bill Cosby has more words about the black community to follow his statements from last month.

Let me tell you something, your dirty laundry gets out of school at 2:30 every day, it's cursing and calling each other n------ as they're walking up and down the street... [...]

They think they're hip. They can't read; they can't write. They're laughing and giggling, and they're going nowhere. [...]

Carnival of the Capitalists

A belated link to this week's Carnival of the Capitalists at EGO.

Once a Commie, Always a Commie

Many of you are well enough off that ... the tax cuts may have helped you. We're saying that for America to get back on track, we're probably going to cut that short and not give it to you. We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.

-- Hillary Rodham Clinton

Co-Evolution of P2P

Edward Felten describes the future of P2P in a way that makes the most sense to me - as a constantly evolving arms-race between filesharing software and anti-filesharing defenses. I think we've already seen a couple of generations of this sort of evolution. Originally, filesharing was mainly done via email, Usenet, and IRC. Napster was the first robust filesharing protocol. Read more »


American libertarians hate their government so much they often make barmy comments about the rest of the world.

-- Antoine Clarke

Tax-Funded Circuses

Steve Fainaru has a long article in today's Washington Post about how Major League Baseball convinces city politicians to fund stadiums built from taxpayer money to attract franchises. Read more »

A Realist Shade of Survivalism

Take those steps, Jay, and damn the stigma. Any student of history knows you're only being prudent. One of these days, we'll be on the fourth box, and it can't hurt to be ready.

Escape Velocity of Anti-Aging

In his interview with Glenn Reynolds, Cambridge scientist Aubrey de Grey talks about the point when aging will be effectively cured. Read more »

South Korean Hostage Executed

MSNBC is reporting that Al-Jazeera is reporting that the South Korean man who has been held hostage by Islamic militants has been murdered. These actions need to be censured by any and all commenters. There is no justification for what these animals did. They do not deserve to be called "human".

Photo Finishes and Birth Pangs

Carnival of the Capitalists