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The Capitalist Potterverse

Jeffrey Tucker points to a NY Times article by Ilias Yocaris that shows both everything wrong with academic culture and everything right with the Potterverse. Fellow Catallarchist Brian Doss also wrote on this topic in the past:

Harry Potter and the Free Market

Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Bank

They Turn to Marx

Our friends at American Joblog have enlisted the aid of Karl Marx to support their cause. This comes as a suprise to me, as when a few of us Catallarchists challenged their protectionist ways back in May, they accused us of being communist sympathizers.

Contradiction seems to be one of their trademarks. In the comments, one Vicky Davis states, "Communism is the inevitable result of laissez-faire capitalism. "

Collective Acton vs. Collectivism

Balko on Television

Radley Balko will be on CNN tonight at 10:30 PM and on CNBC at 1:30 PM Monday talking about the disincentivization of the healthy lifestyle.

Ethical Subjectivism

There were many passionate reactions to Micha's statements about morality below. My second question to everyone follows.

Based on your reading of his words, can you briefly summarize your understanding of Micha's views on morality?

Why Respect Rights?

Continuing the discussion from below, I have two questions. I assume that many people reading this blog fall into either the minarchist or the market anarchist camp, and this first question is directed at you.

Why ought I respect your rights to life, liberty, and property?

Question for Readers about the Minimum Wage

The blogosphere has been abuzz about Steven Landsburg's article that claims that studies show that the minimum wage does not really affect unemployment.

My question is this: how would you design a study to determine whether or not the minimum wage affects unemployment?

Why Respect Rights?
Ethical Subjectivism

How Conspiracy Theories Get Started

The right incentives and just enough believability. If a terrorist attack does occur between now and the auction, people will look back at this story and connect dots.

Carnival of the Capitalists

Rutan's Got Some Competition

"Wild Fire":

Melvill's feat made Rutan's team the favorite to win the X Prize's $10 million jackpot when it launches its next flight later this year. But so far, no one has publicly given the required 60-day notice for a prize attempt. And Brian Feeney, the leader of a Canadian team that plans to blast a spherical capsule called Wild Fire into space, says he'll give SpaceShipOne a run for its money.

I Pick C, with a Crucial Modifier

In response to Gabriel Syme's question, the answer is market anarchy. What separates market anarchism from the everyday usage of anarchy are cultural traditions which result in a respect of natural rights, a knowledge among a large portion of the populace of the long term benefits of cooperation, but most of all, a robust market for the provision of the economic goods of personal protection, dispute adjudication, and law enforcement. Read more »

Carnival of the Capitalists

A very late link to this week's Carnival of the Capitalists, which is being held at pc4media.

Jiang Yanyong, Political Prisoner

Philip Pan writes in today's Washington Post (free registration required) about Jiang Yanyong, a Chinese doctor imprisoned by the Communist Party of China for exposing the government's attempted coverup of the SARS outbreak. The government gives the reason for his imprisonment as, "Based on relevant regulations, the military has been helping and educating him." Sources in the article translate this statement as Jiang undergoing brainwashing sessions. Read more »

Have you broken any laws today?

I?m going to celebrate by bootlegging illegal fireworks and beer across state lines, and then shooting copious amounts of ammunition through my ominous Assault Weapons. Then I?m going to drink the contraband beer and light the contraband fireworks.

I think that the founders would consider that an appropriate celebration.

-- Phelps, from the comments below

A Star is Born


This one actually knows how to win...