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Thanks Kip!

Some very flattering words from KipEsquire:

I am pulling Catallarchy down from the Elite Eleven, but only because it really doesn't qualify at all as an "under-read" blog. The point of the Elite Eleven is not to identify the best blogs, but the best blogs that you're probably not reading. Catallarchy remains the single best libertarian group blog out there and belongs on everyone's blogroll.

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The Emancipation Of Mu Mu

From last Thursday's NY Times:

On her fourth day of keeping a Web log, she introduced herself to the world with these striking words: "I am a dance girl, and I am a party member."

"I don't know if I can be counted as a successful Web cam dance girl," that early post continued. "But I'm sure that looking around the world, if I am not the one with the highest diploma, I am definitely the dance babe who reads the most and thinks the deepest, and I'm most likely the only party member among them."

Thus was born, early in July, what many regard as China's most popular blog.

Sometimes timing is everything, and such was the case with the anonymous blogger, a self-described Communist Party member from Shanghai who goes by the pseudonym Mu Mu.

A 25-year-old, Mu Mu appears online most evenings around midnight, shielding her face while striking poses that are provocative, but never sexually explicit.

She parries questions from some of her tens of thousands of avid followers with witticisms and cool charm.

Under one of the most authoritarian regimes in the world, Mu Mu flaunts her cookware in defiance of commies. I don't think governments can control speech anymore. Sure, they can periodically lock people up for saying things they don't approve of, but they can't keep information bottled up. Ideas will get out. Read more »


Capitalists at Gill Blog

Liberty at Below The Beltway

Grand Rounds at Grahamazon

Sunday Drive

Shonk provides a list of his favorite books with commentary.

The Liberty Papers is a new groupblog started by Eric Cowperthwaite and friends.

Yobbo asks an important question about the pronunciation of a certain Vietnamese name. Read more »

Shopping Caused 9/11...

...according to Kalle Lasn, founder of "Buy Nothing Day", designated as the day after Thanksgiving by a movement whose goal it is to fight consumerism.

WN: Some people criticize BND as teenage high jinks, or bad for the country considering we're at war and shopping is patriotic. How do you respond?


November 17, 1989

Adriana Cronin remembers the Velvet Revolution. Read more »

Democracy And Argumentation

David Rossie has some thoughts.

One Fall Saturday

For anyone with ties to the state of Virginia - like Brian and myself - tomorrow is a very important day, as the Virginia Tech Hokies will meet the Virginia Cavaliers in football. There are many reasons why I am a sports fan, even as so many of my philosophical brethren see sports as essentially meaningless or worse, and I tried to convey one of those reasons last year:

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Abortion And Federalism

Sunday Drive

Doug ponders whether a traditionally red state, Virginia, is turning blue, over at Below The Beltway.

J. Riddle at purple america recounts his travel observations. Read more »

Prostitution, Exploitation, And Reputation

In case you missed it, Reason has a very interesting interview by Kerry Howley with prostitute turned writer Tracy Quan:

Reason: Your protagonist, Nancy Chan, is deeply skeptical of sex worker activism. Does that reflect your own views?

National Novel Writing Month... November.

One of these days...

Happy Flippin\' Halloween!