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Punditatious Compellivision

Anyone can read the news to you. I promise to feel the news at you.

-- Stephen Colbert, from Ann Althouse's giant list of 2005 quotes


Battlestar Galactica is Time's best television show of 2005. I have to agree, though the first season which aired earlier in the year was better than the second season. Veronica Mars, which didn't make Time's top 10, would have to be second on my list.

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The Natural Philosopher Blog Captain

Jack Maturin, who once bought me a drink at Faneuil Hall, has started his own blog to chronicle his 'round the world swashbuckling adventures and life in England from an Austro-libertarian perspective. His first article at on Mr. Spock's true nature can be found here.


Video Game Economics Boom/Bust

Sebastian Mallaby argues that video games can be educational. Read more »

The Poverty Of Class Analysis

Some leftists and libertarians like to portray life as a class struggle, between rich and poor, management and workers, white collar and blue collar. Unions are championed as representing the little guy, businesses merely the interests of the wealthy. But as Megan McArdle points out, Read more »

David Friedman\'s Blog

David Friedman has his own blog up and running. In addition to being razor-sharp in argumentation, humble in personality, and civil in discourse, he's also the author of what I consider to be the best book on libertarianism ever written. Add his blog to your newsreader.

Jimmy Wales Shot

Per Wikipedia, by way of The Register:

Apparently, the assassin was a "friend" of the victim of a recent controversy which ironically, smeared former Robert F Kennedy aid John Seigenthaler as a suspect in the assassination of both Kennedy brothers. That claim, which the site carried for several months, along with the assertion that Seigenthaler had lived in Russia, was eventually proved false.

Standards Of Outrage


Carnival of the Capitalists at Samablog comes first, if only because Rob Sama calls us a "must read blog".

Grand Rounds is up at In the Pipeline. Read more »

Happy Annual Winterfest

It's that time of year again - the battle of the "true" meaning of Christmas has begun.

Increasingly absent are store signs saying "Merry Christmas." Instead, display signs, as well as newspaper and television ads, say "Happy Holidays" and talk about "Holiday Gifts" or "Beat the holiday rush."

And while they trudge from store to store in the mall, buyers are now listening to "Holiday Carols."

Catallarchy Reader Survey


I would greatly appreciate it if you all would fill out this survey. Feel free to skip any questions you don't want to answer. If I get enough responses, I will post an analysis. And because I know that incentives matter, free autographed poster of Scott Scheule to the 1,000th responder.

Please send responses to

How old are you?

Male or female?

Where do you live? Read more »

Cato Unbound

The first issue of Cato Unbound has been published. It includes an essay by James Buchanan on three amendments to the Constitution he would like to see.

Sunday Drive

Eric Cowperthwaite has a long post at The Liberty Papers about big tent libertarianism. While I agree with Eric that ideological purity is a detriment, I'll only add that political incentives are severely biased against libertarian policies. Read more »

Like, OMG, we\'re SO over the whole steroids thing!


Calling the Bowl Championship Series "deeply flawed," the chairman of a congressional committee has called a hearing on the controversial system used to determine college football's national champion.

A House Energy and Commerce subcommittee, charged with regulating America's sports industry, announced Friday it will conduct a hearing on the BCS next week, after this season's bowl matchups are determined.

Tragedy In Singapore

In the next few hours, Australian Van Tuong Nguyen will walk to gallows where the Singapore government will carry out the death penalty. Nguyen's circumstances stem from an effort to smuggle nearly 400g of heroin into Australia from Cambodia. He was arrested at an airport in Singapore and has spent the last three years there. He was planning to use the proceeds from drug sales to help his twin brother Khoa pay off debts accumulated as a heroin user. Read more »