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The Background Noise Of Illegal Immigration

And I will absolutely guarantee that the borders will be easier to patrol against real criminals and terrorists sneaking in when the background noise of millions of peaceful and non-threatening people are removed from the picture and routed through legal border crossings.

-- Warren Meyer

I never thought about it this way before, but it sounds right. By treating good guys as bad guys, the real bad guys are harder to spot.

Iraq Numbers

Frank Beamer has a saying, "Things are never as good as they seem, nor as bad as they seem." With that in mind, some numbers that surprised me:

81, 76, 50, 49, 43, 25

What are these numbers? This week’s Powerball winners? A safe deposit combo? New numbers to torment those poor b*stards stranded on the island in Lost?

The Clumpy Geography Of Atheism

Ilya Somin has been blogging about hostility towards atheists over at the Volokh Conspiracy. When the University of Minnesota study came out a couple of weeks ago, many atheists saw it as confirmation of their status as a persecuted group. Read more »

Netflix Sues Blockbuster...

...for patent infringement:

The complaint, filed in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, focuses largely on the online wish lists that prioritize the DVD desires of about 5.4 million people who subscribe to either Netflix or Blockbuster’s Internet service.

Netflix also believes its patents cover perhaps its most popular feature — the option of renting a DVD for an unlimited time without incurring late fees.


Immigration Lowers Wages. What About Prices?

One of the arguments commonly bandied about in the immigration debate is that immigration lowers wages. Paul Krugman writes,

First, the net benefits to the U.S. economy from immigration, aside from the large gains to the immigrants themselves, are small. Realistic estimates suggest that immigration since 1980 has raised the total income of native-born Americans by no more than a fraction of 1 percent.


The top 10 weirdest keyboards.

An experiment demonstrating the (non) power of prayer on heart bypass surgery patients, controls and everything.

Top 87 bad predictions about the future. Read more »


I could use a memory upgrade.

Cool Google Maps

Abundance in a real economy is great; abundance in a virtual economy sucks.

The best 15 skylines in the world. <sarcasm>I'm surprised Boston didn't make the list.</sarcasm> Read more »

North Korean Children Try To Impress Kim Jong-Il

I'm always fascinated by any kind of footage from North Korea that I can find, and this video from Dan Rather's visit is no different.


Not from The Onion:

For 41 hours, Bartels wandered the aisles of a Wal-Mart Supercenter in Windsor Heights that's open 24 hours a day. He checked out shoppers, read magazines, watched movies on the DVD display and played video games.

He bought meals at the in-store Subway sandwich shop, but was able to catch only brief naps in a restroom stall or on lawn chairs in the garden department.

\"Marriage is for white people\"

Joy Jones in the WaPo:

"Marriage is for white people."

That's what one of my students told me some years back when I taught a career exploration class for sixth-graders at an elementary school in Southeast Washington. I was pleasantly surprised when the boys in the class stated that being a good father was a very important goal to them, more meaningful than making money or having a fancy title.

Liberalism vs Leftism

Joe Miller shares his thoughts on the matter. A snippet: Read more »

A Fence?

When I first heard about this, I thought it was a joke, but apparently, it's not:

Some envision a wall. Others, a fence - or even a "virtual" fence of cameras, lighting, and sensors along the US-Mexican border. Whatever form it will take, the US is discussing, planning, and, in some places, already building it - much to the fury and frustration of neighbors south of the border.

Starry-Eyed Surprise

First came domination of the econoblogopshere. Now this. It's a sign. Read more »

There are property rights, and then there are PROPERTY RIGHTS

Fifteen year old Larry Mugrage walked across the yard of 66 year old neighbor Charles Martin. In turn, Martin shot him dead.

He then called 911, officials said.

Martin: "I just killed a kid."
911 Operator: "You just killed a kid?"
Martin: "Yes, ma'am."

Later, the operator asked Martin to explain what happened.

Martin: "Kids just been giving me a bunch of (expletive), making other kids harass me in my place, tearing things up."

Damn You Gladwell

The most overused set of words in the media today is "tipping point". I just read it in an excerpt of a NY Times article quoted on Hit and Run to describe the growing fraction of women in colleges and universities. Not less than five minutes later, I heard it uttered by Howard Kurtz on CNN to describe changing public sentiment on Iraq. Read more »