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\"Lost Steam\"

New data on the aftermath:

Sales of previously owned homes in the United States plunged in July to the lowest level in 2 1/2 years and the inventory of unsold homes climbed to a new record high, fresh signs that the housing market has lost steam.

That's one way to put it.

Don\'t Be Cruel, Osama

According to Bin Laden's former sex slave Kola Boof, Osama fantasized about Whitney Houston and talked about having her husband Bobby Brown killed.


It's the first day of classes at Virginia Tech and there's an escaped prisoner on the loose with police snipers positioned on the rooftops of campus buildings.

Update: They got him.

The Blessings Of Modernity

World class rant about, among other things, why material progress is a good thing: Read more »

The Mom-and-Pop Dating Service

From the NY Times:

For some people parental intervention may seem like an arranged marriage. But for today’s superattentive parents, involved in almost every aspect of their children’s lives, dating is merely one more sphere of influence.

Surprisingly, many adult children don’t seem to mind. In an age of electronic courting, where dating can be reduced to a bleary-eyed scroll through lackluster Web site profiles, some see the appeal of

The Intralibertarian Split On War

Ilya Somin proposes a couple of theories on why people who label themselves libertarian are split on the issue of war. Read more »

Youtube Idol


Radley Balko has written a paper on the increasing militarization of police forces in the US along with interactive map on botched raids.

North Korea Photos

Via Liberty Papers comes this set of pictures from North Korea (see the entire thread), one of the last remaining slave states in the world. As some in the thread mentioned, most people living there probably have no idea just how bad they have it because they know nothing of the outside world. Even after the communist system falls, how will the people adapt after so many years living under totalitarianism?

To continue the recent trend of going against the conventional wisdom, and because I love it when I get called a heretic, let me just add that the only reason Seoul, instead of looking like the above, looks like this... Read more »

Bad Form

The latest intra-blogospheric eruption involves Deb Frisch's implied threats to Jeff Goldstein's 2 year-old son which eventually led to her apparent resignation from a job in the psychology department at the University of Arizona. Over the years I've been a regular blog reader, Frisch has been one of the biggest trolls in the comment sections, popping up on many blogs, though I don't think she ever appeared on this one. Read more »

What really brought down the twin towers?

I didn't believe the conspiracy theories when I first heard them, but now there's conclusive proof that something other than the impact and heat from the fire brought the towers down.

link via The Corner

The American Way

Better name for a golfer than a videogame system

Michelle Wie tied for 3rd in this weekend's US Women's Open. Prediction: In less than a year, Wie will be the most recognized female athlete in the world.

And because I know you're wondering, you have to wait less than two years before she can reject you.