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In the malaise that is the present political environment, there occurs, every now and then, an event that pushes things closer to the right direction. The DC handgun ban was struck down today. Even more importantly than upholding the second amendment, with this ruling, the Supreme Court relegated to the proper level of hell the ridiculous notion that there are "collective rights" protected in the constitution. Good riddance.

Reading the majority opinion, one gets the impression that Justice Scalia had fun writing it. In fact, he probably wrote it all years ago, stuck it in a drawer, and waited for this gem of a case to pop up.

All in all, a good day for liberty.

The True Face of Global Warming Alarmists

James Hansen testified before Congress today, calling for the trial of oil executives for crimes against humanity. Never let science get in the way of a good witch hunt, I always say. Hansen reveals the true motives for this kind of environmentalism: hatred of mankind. I especially like the part where he talks about the steps we need to take to "preserve creation." It really brings out the whole religious aspect of the global warming insanity.

I have absolutely no problem with scientists studying the possibility of human contributions to climate change. But any scientists that claims "we have the answer, the debate is over," is not a scientist, he's a priest. Science is constantly in flux, and free people are much more capable of responding to fluctuating understandings of the world than is static and draconian government regulation.