Useful Idiots

Libertarians like [Dick Armey] might hold any number of outlandish, anti-conservative views — not just open borders but legalizing prostitution, for instance, or privatizing the Air Force — but so long as they keep those views to themselves, they can be useful allies for actual conservatives.

So no talking about immigration or the multiple wars in the Middle East. Got it.

Good luck with that Tea Party, fellas. Let me know how it works out for you.

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Pretty good

Let me know how it works out for you.

Pretty good, if you keep score by the number of converts to propertarian anarchism. I worked the C4L stand at the Virginia Republican Convention last year. It's a target-rich environment.

Dick Armey is a Republican

Dick Armey is a Republican and a conservative. He is described here as a "libertarian". The take-away is that a lot of Republicans and conservatives, including important Republican politicians, are libertarian.

Thanks for providing yet another argument that libertarians should vote for Republicans.

The argument here is that

The argument here is that mainstream conservatives openly admit that they view libertarians as useful idiots, to be co-opted when their rhetoric is appealing, and ignored or belittled when their principles conflict with whatever fear mongering campaign conservatives happen to be obsessed with this week.

Yeah, vote republican. That

Yeah, vote republican. That worked so well so many times before.

If you (Constant_) are truly advocating for people to vote republican, I cannot help but see that as an endorsement of big government on your part. Compromise and electoral ping-pong has created this environment, and you seem to be calling for more of the same.

Maybe your statement was tongue in cheek...

While I may not agree with what you say....

I'm not in the habit of defending calls to vote Republican. That said, I am in the habit of making candid acknowledgment that the world if full of choices among less-than-perfect options.

If your sole goal is smaller government -- or at least slowing government's growth -- then voting Republican would seem to be a more promising strategy than either voting Democratic or not voting. (Admittedly the strategy may get trickier if there's a Libertarian candidate on the ballot.)

Heck, Obama has even increased spending for defense, that ol' Republican constituency. How much bigger would a Republican make government than Obama? I mean, would they increase spending to crack down on domestic drug use, prostitution, abortions for minors, illegal immigration....

Hm. Maybe that's not so far-fetched.

Well ... on the up side, gazing into the abyss always affords me the opportunity to reflect that things could be worse!

One-Party State

So, if you lived under a one-party State, would you advocate voting for that party?

I was tweaking Micha on his

I was tweaking Micha on his tendentious interpretation of a datum that seemed to me to more strongly suggest the opposite conclusion from the one he derived.

I don't think there is anything wrong in principle with the idea that the greatest benefit comes from voting for the lesser evil of the two major parties and therefore that people should vote that way. And I happen to think that the Republicans are in most cases the lesser evil.

But I'm not especially interested in telling people to vote Republican. I'm more interested, for example, in ways that people can grab greater freedom for themselves that have nothing to do with the democratic process.

I see...

That is where I hit the brick wall on voting.

This is probably an incredibly cynical way to look at it, but the way I see it: I voted a couple of times and it effectively did nothing but place different humans in different seats on the other side of the country. I was not represented and the the issues had been hand-waived as campaign rhetoric. The folks who I voted for locally, broke their promises and even got voted out, and nothing changed.

Choosing someone who will - by the nature of their job - continue the policies and enforce the legislation of their predecessor is hardly the means to manifest a free society.

My opinion is that not voting, is just as powerful as voting. You will continue to be largely ignored by those who have a seat at the table.

I haven't voted in years.

I haven't voted in years.

I voted a couple of times and

I voted a couple of times and it effectively did nothing but place different humans in different seats on the other side of the country.

I doubt it did even that.