This is the empire

I'm used to wishing I hadn't read articles about the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and the complete indifference to human rights on the part of the occupation forces. So many of them turn my stomach and sour my mood knowing that these things are being done (partially in my name) so frequently and with so little reaction from Americans. If you're not ready to deal with reality, don't read this, the story of a man pointlessly imprisoned for years and tortured at Guantánamo. The only upshot is that he resisted with manly fortitude and was eventually released.

Embedded in that story is another one, also frightening on two accounts. An American soldier who was a guard at Guantánamo was the subject of a training exercise wherein he dressed as a prisoner, and other guards were to "pratice" "extracting" him. This guy was beat nearly to death and given permanent brain injuries before they figured out he was part of their gang. (The video evidence, of course, was destroyed immediately, and nothing of consequence happened to the thugs.) If this happened to him it surely must happen in other situations that we know less about.

The second thing, the cruel icing on the cake, is this:

"So, if you got your health back, I take it, after your experience with the Army, you’d never serve again," Simon asks Baker.

"I’d be in," says Baker. "Till the day I die."

This guy is so brainwashed that he can't even wrap his mind around the nature of the organization that did this to him and abjectly refuses to correct it even in the smallest way. He ought to know better more than almost anybody, and he doesn't.

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Good thing humans are

Good thing humans are mortal, the brainwashed masses wont live forever... neither will the neo-Babylon that keeps them from starving.