Sheriff Joe on the warpath

In a situation tailor-made to demonstrate the problem with the Randian quest for legal finality within a monopolistic law enforcement system, Maricopa County's various legal system components are feuding with each other, fueled by a sheriff with literally no concept of the rule of law. Check it out.

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The Golden Rule

Except anarcho-capitalism doesn't advocated an end to the monopoly on "law enforcement" it would put an end to the monopoly on law. Leaving those with the gold to literally make the rules.

I must say, I'm curious

I must say, I'm curious about the "libertarian socialist" position on this. It may be pedantic of me, but I don't describe my position as "anarcho-capitalist".

This is amazingly entertaining...

I can't really speak to any larger political views surrounding this debacle, but I can (and will) say that this should be made into a movie once the dust settles (a comedy of course). Having spent a token amount of time in jail, I am more than a little familiar with the abuse of office taken in the name of preserving public order. Usually everything gets swept under the rug and no one ever seems to remember exactly how it happened (except of course the officers involved whose word is law). I have witnessed (firsthand) officers' stories conflicting directly with what happened. To have a breach of procedure this flagrant is both damning and entertaining.

The dissent between the sheriff's office and the judge's bench is probably a unique case and may be the only reason any of this is catching the scrutinizing glare of the media.

This is highly entertaining and I can only wonder what the outcome will be. This is downright operatic.