Health care Free-for-All

These health care town hall meetings and concomitant protests are kind of getting me down. On one hand, the Democrats are presenting a plan that is bound to cause vastly more harm than good, and expensively to boot. On the other hand, these mindless Republican protesters are using uncivil tactics and silly arguments, doing long-term damage to the level of political discourse in the U.S., in favor of what I consider the correct short-term position. How are you readers dealing with it?

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I try to enjoy the hilarity

I try to enjoy the hilarity of democrats mouthing the same anti-american rethoric they so deplored in the bush-years.

Are those 'free speech zones' still in effect?

Partly the hilarity, partly

Partly the hilarity, partly the deep frustration of hating both parties. Sort of like the entire election. It was hysterically funny, except for the fact that it was funny because it was all so hopeless and stupid.