Obama Doesn't Speak Austrian, Only Keynesian.

I don't see why Michelle Malkin is making such a big deal about Obama saying he doesn't speak Austrian. I thought everyone knew he only speaks Keynesian, and not because his father is from Kenya either.

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That's beautiful. My hat

That's beautiful. My hat goes off to you, good sir.

Isn't he from Chicago?

You work that in there and you got yourself a home run.

The Man Who Would Be King

I didn't even think of that angle. Unfortunately the term Monetarist doesn't even remotely sound like the name of a language. I'm not sure people would get it if I worked in a Rosanna Danna confusion over the terms Monetarist and Monarchist.

I'd try to work something in but now you've ruined it for me. I just won't seem as clever now that you gave me the hint.

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He is skeptical of different

He is skeptical of different stimulus, at least in a rising tide lifts all boats sense that is not where the electorate is and is just a good politico-speak which is audible to the people.
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I agree with you and I think

I agree with you and I think whatever Michelle Malkin is saying has no logic. I don't think if anyone is judged based on the languages that they are able to talk. What is more important here is to judge the person with his abilities rather than such silly things as Michelle Malkin is speaking of. You can visit the site here.

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