Obama the Hypnotist

Exposing Obama's Deception May Be the Only Way to Protect Democracy

I love this kind of thing. The meat starts on page 16. Obama's speeches are analyzed and found to be attempts at mass hypnosis.

Somewhat amusing and may have elements of truth. Googling NLP suggests that it is pseudoscience and debunked. But in the process of accusing Obama of being an evil hypnotist, the paper does point out some truths about his speeches.

Elementary pacing examples from Obama include, “now is the time”, and “as I stand here before you.” These statements are undeniably true in the simplest terms and commonly used parts of his pacing techniques, because of course now is the time, and if he is there speaking, of course he is standing before us.


Three of Obama’s favorite hypnotic paces are “that’s why I stand here tonight”, “now is the time”, and “this moment.” Just these three pacing statements are used by Obama a total of fourteen (14) times throughout this single speech.

The paper lists every instance. It's quite funny. To me anyway.

After repeated and continual pacing an entire audience of millions with statements that are undoubtedly true that lower our critical factors’ defenses, Obama just slips in the hypnotic command (the lead) e.g. ...“and that is why I will be your next President.”

Heh. We might call this "blatant nonsequitur". To those of us not being hypnotized by Obama, the following may apply to his many nonsequiturs:

A non sequitur (pronounced [ˌnɒnˈsɛkwɨtɚ]) is a conversational and literary device, often used for comical purposes (as opposed to its use in formal logic). It is a comment which, due to its lack of meaning relative to the comment it follows, is absurd to the point of being humorous or confusing.

Continuing on...

Saying, for one example: “We need change...and...that is why I will be your next President.” is a basic pace and lead. No person can disagree with “we need change.” Change is inevitable anyway, certainly when problems exist. However, the fact that change will happen, or that we need change, has absolutely nothing to do with being a valid reason why the choice for President should be none other than Barack Obama.

Ha. This is priceless. The writer continues in the vein:

The subject walks away believing we need change, therefore we need Obama. It doesn’t matter whether the cause and effect linking statement has any truth or logical connection to it.

I'll stop here but the paper goes on for quite a bit. Includes an analysis of his hand gestures.

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I was reminded of this,

I was reminded of this, where Obama is also attacked as being an hypnotist. Read Dave Barry 2008 Year in review, it's hilarious.

On the Democratic side, the surprise winner is Barack Obama, who is running for president on a long and impressive record of running for president. A mesmerizing speaker, Obama electrifies voters with his exciting new ideas for change, although people have trouble remembering exactly what these ideas are, because they were so darned mesmerized. Some people become so excited that they actually pass out. These are members of the press corps.


In politics, Barack Obama addresses the issue of why, in his 20 years of membership in Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, he failed to notice that the pastor, Jeremiah Wright, is a racist lunatic. In a major televised address widely hailed for its brilliance, Obama explains that . . . Okay, nobody really remembers what the actual explanation was. But everybody agrees it was mesmerizing.

Tensions run high in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary, which all the experts agree is extremely crucial. Barack Obama gets into trouble with rural voters for saying that rural Americans are "bitter" and "cling to guns or religion." Responding to charges that this statement is elitist, Obama responds: "You are getting sleepy. Very sleepy."

And now back to our favorite program, Everyone loves hypnotoad.

Hahaha. That was great.

Hahaha. That was great.

I figured he was a hypnotist

I figured he was a hypnotist long ago, when everybody started calling him "black".

Deja Vu, Jonathan

Johnathan, I could have sworn I saw this exact same inane comment a few days ago and yet it is showing up as "new" again. I swear that this has happened with other comments but was thinking it might be deja vu.

Are comments moved to the top of the Recent Comments section when they are edited?

PS. I said inane because the "rule" in our society is that you ARE black even if you are part white. Thus there is no hypnosis involved. Obama is black.

This convention goes back to slave holders raping their slaves, and outright purposeful breeding of black men to female Irish slaves.

It was also a convention when slavers purposefully bred black male slaves to Irish female slaves. Which produce slaves more suited to working under the sun, while at the same time lighter skinned and therefore more desirable for sexual congress. Dark skin also made identifying and tracking ones slaves easier. Sperm doesn't cost a lot so why not force your cheap white female slaves to breed with the more expensive black imports?

You can find articles on this out on the web.

African Negroes cost generally about 20 to
50 pounds Sterling, compared to 900 pounds of cotton (about 5 pounds
Sterling) for an Irish. They were also more durable in the hot climate,
and caused fewer problems. The biggest bonus with the Africans though,
was they were NOT Catholic, and any heathen pagan was better than an
Irish Papist. Irish prisoners were commonly sentenced to a term of
service, so theoretically they would eventually be free. In practice,
many of the slavers sold the Irish on the same terms as prisoners for
servitude of 7 to 10 years.

There was no racial consideration or discrimination, you were either
a freeman or a slave, but there was aggressive religious discrimination,
with the Pope considered by all English Protestants to be the enemy of
God and civilization, and all Catholics heathens and hated. Irish
Catholics were not considered to be Christians. On the other hand, the
Irish were literate, usually more so than the plantation owners, and
thus were used as house servants, account keepers, scribes and teachers.
But any infraction was dealt with the same severity, whether African or
Irish, field worker or domestic servant. Floggings were common, and if a
planter beat an Irish slave to death, it was not a crime, only a
financial loss, and a lesser loss than killing a more expensive African.
Parliament passed the Act to Regulate Slaves on British Plantations in
1667, designating authorized punishments to include whippings and
brandings for slave offenses against a Christian. Irish Catholics were
not considered Christians, even if they were freemen.

The planters quickly began breeding the comely Irish women, not just
because they were attractive, but because it was profitable,,, as well
as pleasurable. Children of slaves were themselves slaves, and although
an Irish woman may become free, her children were not. Naturally, most
Irish mothers remained with their children after earning their freedom.
Planters then began to breed Irish women with African men to produce
more slaves who had lighter skin and brought a higher price. The
practice became so widespread that in 1681, legislation was passed
“forbidding the practice of mating Irish slave women to African slave
men for the purpose of producing slaves for sale.” This legislation was
not the result of any moral or racial consideration, but rather because
the practice was interfering with the profits of the Royal African
Company! It is interesting to note that from 1680 to 1688, the Royal
African Company sent 249 shiploads of slaves to the Indies and American
Colonies, with a cargo of 60,000 Irish and Africans. More than 14,000
died during passage.

I said inane because the

I said inane because the "rule" in our society is that you ARE black even if you are part white. Thus there is no hypnosis involved. Obama is black.

No, he's white!

Is that a rule? If it is (it isn't) I don't agree with it.

That's the Rule

Is that a rule?
Based on usage patterns most Americans of all colors think that way.

Get with it, they are not calling Obama the first white president.

Based on usage patterns most

Based on usage patterns most Americans of all colors think that way.

Get with it, they are not calling Obama the first white president.

I know this is difficult to contemplate, but I DO NOT AGREE with those usage patterns. Majority or minority... I don't care.

The only thing left is a control freak, with a wild hair up his ass. Your posturing is starting to amuse me. You're a bigger Prima Donna than Suzanne Somers.

My opinion stands Mack Her. I don't think we should be calling Obama "black." I don't think we should be calling Obama "white." For now, I think the term "African American" is suitable. Either way, it's not that big a deal to me.

I'm sorry that editing my comment hurt your feelings, or irritated you in some way. Here's a hug, from me to you, and I hope you accept it graciously:


Comment Mystery Solved.

Never mind. I just edited my "Large Cash Purchases" comment and it moved to the top of the list. Mystery solved. The date on the comment changes too.

So that means that Penile edited his one sentence comment for some reason.

Also it means that a comment in response to another can have an earlier date if the follow up comment is edited.

Look at the date on this comment. I'm going to edit the Deja Vu comment in a few minutes, and this "reply" will look like it was posted first. I think.

Replied-to comments cannot be edited

Also it means that a comment in response to another can have an earlier date if the follow up comment is edited.

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I thought I noticed the same thing...

..but wasn't sure till you posted you noticed it too.

It seems like a new phenomenon.

Just delete TPF. Thank you,

Just delete TPF.

Thank you, Jonathan.

I took out an mdash. I

I took out an mdash. I didn't like it. Cry me a river.