Detroit Can't Sell Cars, Tries Theater

Two weeks ago, GM's CEO flew from Detroit to Washington on a corporate jet to ask the nation's lawmakers to rescue his embattled company.

The action provoked a loud Bronx cheer, so yesterday, acting like the ordinary American he is not, the hapless fellow was driven to the nation's capital.

He rode in a black hybrid Chevrolet Malibu, the kind of high-mileage vehicle that critics say Detroit should be concentrating on.

The trip through four states was 500 miles, and Wagoner - no elitist, he - did some of the driving himself. When not driving, he sat in the passenger's seat and made calls on his cellphone, wearing sunglasses to protect him from the glare.

The car ride is a gesture of self-humiliation intended to placate an audience that has been throwing ripe fruit at the stage. GM's latest product is the theatrical self-flagellation of its executives.

It's hard to blame GM. The management is fulfilling its obligation to its owners. Congress has sent out the signal that they are a gathering of gullible dimwits with a tremendous pile of cash and a ready ear for Fortune 500 sob stories. It would be irresponsible to the owners of GM not to act accordingly.

(via The Drudge Report)

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