A flimsy pretext for naked aggression

Bryan Caplan throws down the gauntlet on immigration.

It's reasonable to insist that people get your permission to come to your home. It's absurd to insist that people get your permission to live in your neighbor's house* - much less than people get your permission to live in a hundred-mile radius of you. That's on par with the schoolyard bully's grievance that "You're breathing my air." We should see it for what it is - a flimsy pretext for naked aggression.

The idea is not especially new - standard libertarian position on immigration - but the expression is stark and concise, and I like the phrase, "a flimsy pretext for naked aggression," which begs to be recycled, possibly as a heading.

Arthur B.! You're breathing my air!

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Ah, that explains the smell

Ah, that explains the smell :P

Oh good lord

My country has been invaded by Cyrano de Bergerac.

Your relatives stole the land

from the Indian People, were responsible for the Trail of Tears, and broke the treaties?

Isn't this a similar claim?

How do you know what MY relatives did? Isn't this like saying "my relatives" murdered someone because some white guy down the street killed his wife a hundred years ago?

Furthermore, it's my understanding that the native americans were doing the same to each other. That is, invading and stealing each others land. It's to be expected when a new land area has been colonized by low population levels. The first indians to occupy an area may not have had sufficient population levels to support the kind of trade needed to produce better weapons. Those areas with the best resources would develop first and then those tribes would invade the lands of the other tribes.

When the Pilgrims arrived the natives were already suffering drastic population declines from the introduction of new diseases. It's hardly suprising that the natives were willing to sell large tracts of land for a pitance. Especially when they were often selling another tribes land.

One scientist did a study in California of garbage tips that the Indians had. When settlers arrived they found a land full of game, and resources. That however was only because disease had beat them there. The garbage tips showed that when the natives first arrived there was plenty of game and that over time they had depleted the resources. Towards the end the evidence is consistent with a population in decline due to disease.

Where does this come from?

Not sure what it has to do with the entry.

Some of my ancestors are Guarani Indians, by the way.

Some of my ancestors are

Some of my ancestors are Guarani Indians

Don't take offense, but somehow I picture you has a 40 year old overweight Latino. I have NO idea why I have this belief, I tried in vain to remember anything you said which would justify that belief, it seems to have just grown through unconscious accumulation of tiny bits of information.

My mind probably thinks it's better to keep the belief and discard the bits of information leading to it. I think this is what we call intuition, the remaining belief once the evidence has been discarded.

I'm reinforcing the latino belief.


My mother is Latin American. I was born in the US, in the same city as my father.



My mother is Latin

My mother is Latin American.

Is she hot?

She's probably over 60 (c.f.

She's probably over 60 (cf. earlier post)

All our mothers were hot enough

to have had us.

Not saying in your case but

"All our mothers were hot enough" ... or our fathers desperate or drunk enough.

But your response was appropriate to the question, and also a touching sentiment.