Somalia: Pirates Hijack Saudi Ship Off Kenya

"Increasingly daring attacks are being conducted by Somali pirates on a variety of merchant vessels," said a statement from the U.S. Fifth Fleet, issued from Manama, Bahrain.

The statement said that pirates attacked the very large crude tanker, Sirius Star, more than 450 nautical miles southeast of Mombasa. The ship was sailing under a Liberian flag and was owned by the Saudi-based company, Saudi Aramco. The crew comprised citizens of Croatia, Britain, The Philippines, Poland and Saudi Arabia.

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Pirates Cause International Cognitive dissonance

Yo ho ho, these pirates are something no one knows how to handle. They are definitely bad so what laws apply.Admiralty Law, Common Law?

Who knows."

The key problem is that America's NATO allies have effectively abandoned the historical legal rules permitting irregular fighters to be tried in special military courts (or, in the case of pirates, admiralty courts) in favor of a straightforward criminal-justice model. Although piracy is certainly a criminal offense, treating it like bank robbery or an ordinary murder case presents certain problems for Western states.

To begin with, common criminals cannot be targeted with military force. There are other issues as well. Last April the British Foreign Office reportedly warned the Royal Navy not to detain pirates, since this might violate their "human rights" and could even lead to claims of asylum in Britain."

That's right.Arresting Long John Silver on the high seas would violate his human rights. Will we have to pay reparations to his relatives? For more Info see This Link

Pirates cause International cognitive dissonance Dave