New Scientist reports on Club of Rome prophesy...

Maybe a change of title to New Junk Scientist is in order. Prophesy is in the realm of faith, not science.

Changes in industrial production, food production and pollution are all in line with the book's predictions of collapse in the 21st century, says Turner. According to the book, the path we have taken will cause decreasing resource availability and an escalating cost of extraction that triggers a slowdown of industry, which eventually results in economic collapse some time after 2020.

"For the first 30 years of the model, the world has been tracking along an unsustainable trajectory," he says.

According to Herman Daly of the University of Maryland, Turner's results show that we "must get off the growth path of business as usual, and move to a steady state economy," stopping population growth, resource depletion, and pollution. article.

Yeah, population control, that'll work. While they are at it, lets see if they can legislate us some morality, or some of that much desired justice.

May your chains rest lightly.

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